Some dare not call it racism

18 Jun

No other President has been treated with the amount of disrespect from his opponents – Congressman unprecedented interruption of State of the Union Address, and so-called “journalist” interrupting address in the Rose Garden – this one has; no other President has ever been asked for his birth certificate nor has any other President been called “boy”, or “man child” etc…

It’s got to be something, let’s look at what might attribute to this disrespect from opponents on the right?

He’s a Democrat!
Nope, that can’t be it we’ve had 16 Presidents who were Democrats and none were ever treated this badly

He’s a Lawyer!
Nope, we’ve had 21 lawyers, and while that certainly could be argued to be reason enough, no other Presidents who were lawyers have been treated like this

He went to Harvard!
Nope, had six of those

He was raised without a father!
Nope, had six of those

He’s a progressive!
Nope, we’ve had nine of those

He’s a man!
They’ve all been men so far – all 44

Well now, what does that leave us?

They hate him because he’s Hawaiian?
Somehow I doubt that’s the problem.

That leaves us with two things different from all the others, his name is Obama, or he’s Black?

Well, either of those things is certainly a first; he’s the first Black President and he’s the first one with a Muslim name – disliking him for either would be considered racism.

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One response to “Some dare not call it racism

  1. Anonymous

    June 19, 2012 at 07:00

    Hitting the nail on the head is not pleasant to the nail. It absolutely refuse to accept the hit to the ol’ noggin.


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