Presidential Debate 3 Oct 12

04 Oct

The debates have begun, and it was an interesting evening first round. The candidates were there, and Americans got to see two very different men presenting two very different sets of ideas, some factual, many not.

Jim Leher was pathetic as a moderator allowing the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential wannabe Willard Mitt Romney to run roughshod throughout the evening, and failing to keep control of the debate. If Romney’s goal was to come across as a bully then he succeeded. While he came out swinging – with some ill timed zingers – he failed to really land any punches, and at times appeared erratic. It appeared his strategy was to dazzle with furious jabs, bouncing around the ring, but stay away from substance and facts.

The President, on the other hand, came across as lethargic; he was slow and steady in a “prevent” defense mode, preventing his opponent from scoring decisively, and making some small hits on both facts and substance. In a debate on the economy the President needed to be more aggressive, and should’ve taken the opportunity to nail Romney on the 47% issue, and on details for his plans. He failed to do so, and he allowed Romney to win, had he pushed he could have pushed Romney off message – and perhaps he’s saving that for the next round.

This wasn’t a decisive win for Romney (meaning it won’t turn the campaign around), but it was a win; the President cannot afford to come out in the next debate on his heels, and needs to set up Romney and hit him with some body blows and go for a knock out.

Performance goes to Romney – factual statements go to the President = Romney wins – slightly – by decision

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