NAZI symbol painted on Obama campaign office

20 Oct

According to various news reports, in another act of racism, a NAZI swastika was painted on the window of President Barack Obama’s campaign office in the Denver suburb of Conifer, CO late Thursday night, and the vandalism was discovered the next morning by building owners. This latest incident comes a week after a shot was fired into a window of Obama’s Denver campaign office.

In 2009 during a Tea Party rally held to oppose the stimulus package on the day Obama signed the bill, a participant waved a sign bearing a swastika in the “O” of Obama’s name. The sign holder had a picture taken with conservative anchor-baby Michelle Malkin and was reportedly on stage when then-state Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry (R-Grand Junction) spoke.

It’s sad that in America in the 21st century there are still individuals who think this is acceptable political speech; however, it appears to be the way ever more increasing numbers of the new Republican Tea Party (GOTP) think and express themselves. Vandalism, threats, signs along road ways with nooses, it’s all part of the party today; this must be part of what they mean when they say they want to “take the country back”, they just mean they want to take it back a hundred years or more, that’s all.

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