America isn’t easy …

01 Dec

america isn't easy

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Posted by on December 1, 2012 in Bill of Rights


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  1. mtsweat

    December 1, 2012 at 18:57

    Very good… all though it makes my blood boil to hear of someone willing to burn the flag that stands for the right to have these freedoms, they are the exact freedoms that our flag stands for. What is most sad is that the people of this nation no longer understand what the price of freedom is. There are no other nations with our values. When we decide that we want to be like other nations, we are no different than Israel when they decided to want this very same thing. It will be no different for us than them. We will fail. A whole bunch of thought went into our Constitution. When we desire for it to be a living and changeable document, a whole bunch of pain will come with it. America will cease to be the nation it has been for its history. We will become like all other nations. Many people don’t recognize how different we are, but we’ll soon find out. I don’t profess to be a prophet of gloom and doom, just a realist. Freedom is priceless. But it comes with a great price to many, those who have served and died for the privilege.

    Yes, we must allow those who hate freedom to burn our flag and curse our principles. It’s what makes this nation great. But when the majority of its citizens decide they no longer want to be contributing members of this freedom, and only to gripe, complain, and rebel, then we’ll get what we deserve… to become a mediocre nation like all others.

    Personally, my only vested interest is my offspring. Hopefully, they will not be murdered in the wombs of their mothers as we’ve decided that life isn’t important anymore. Of course, there is the possibility that I’ll have no offspring, being as how we’ve decided that marriage is no longer defined as between a man and a woman. If everyone adopts this silly theory then there won’t be an America anymore anyway. Kind of hard for two women or two men to reproduce.

    I digress… my interest is only that people would hear the gospel. The gospel is the answer to all of America’s problems. If everyone was to hear that God, in His holiness, loved His creation so much that He sent His Son (Jesus) to die for our sins, and would respond to that simple message, then everything would fall into place.

    It wouldn’t matter anymore whether congress did this or that, or the President did this or that… true believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ would seek to love God with their all, and their neighbors as themselves. Problem solved.

    So burn your flags… but hear the good news. Blessings good friend.


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