When idiots have guns

20 May

Idiots in Asheboro, North Carolina left a handgun where their two-year-old son found it, placed it in his mouth, and shot himself.


According to news reports, Randolph County Sheriff’s Det. M. Reynolds said the father rushed his son to Randolph Hospital, where he was then transported to Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem. Reynolds said the latest information from the hospital was that the child was expected to survive.

Reynolds said the family — mom, dad and three older siblings — were at home at the time.

“This was a very tragic accident. It is so fortunate that the little boy is expected to survive,” Reynolds said.

This is a very tragic accident which was extremely preventable; first by the idiot parents not having bought the bloody gun in the first place, and secondly, once the idiot parents bought the bloody gun they should have locked it up. Once their son recovers, at the very least, these two morons should be charged with child endangerment; oh but wait, we can’t do that, the Founding Fathers wanted to ensure idiots could own whatever weapon they wanted. That being said, just because you can own a gun doesn’t mean you should.

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