Latest 2016 Presidential Polls – 2 June 2016 Edition

02 Jun

The Republican Tea Party (GOTP) clown bus is still being controlled by its xenophobic fascist driver, Donald Trump, zigzagging from side to side along the road, crashing into guard rails, continuing to threaten to send the Republican Party into the abyss known as the dustbin of history.

decision 2016

Trump victory is still not an endorsement of conservatism in America; it is an indictment. The Party of Ronald Reagan has become the party of Mussolini.

On the Democratic side, with one week left in real primaries, we still have a race, well, sort of, Hillary Clinton has pretty well locked it up.

Nationally, the polls show a widening gap between the two:

A Quinnipiac poll from 24 to 30 May has:

Hillary Clinton 53%
Bernie Sanders 39%

While an ABC News/Washington Post Poll from 16 – 19 May show:

Clinton 56%
Sanders 42%

In upcoming state primaries (7 June), it does not look good for Sanders.

New Jersey – Quinnipiac Poll from 10 – 16 May had Clinton ahead of Sanders 54/40
New Mexico – Polling shows Clinton over Sanders 62/38

California – Polling shows Clinton over Sanders 58/42
KABC/SurveyUSA from 19 – 22 May has Clinton beating Sanders 57/39
NBC/WSJ/Marist from 29 – 31 May shows the race tightening with Clinton beating Sanders 49/47

The issue for Sanders is he needs to beat Clinton by 67% in all the remaining primaries to hope to pass Clinton in pledged delegates. That is not going to happen.

Sanders will likely win North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana – all to bring no real delegate counts to his badly trailing campaign.

Clinton leads Sanders 2,312/1,545 total delegates – counting superdelegates, which are delegates, whether BernBots like it or not. It is going to be a Clinton vs. Trump general election. In spite of what BernBots keep hoping, no, the FBI is still not going to remove Clinton from the race.

So, how does November look right now? According to all currently available state-by-state polling data, it looks like Clinton buries Sanders 347/191. For some perspective, President Obama defeated Mitt Romney 332/206.

2016 Electoral Map Clinton-Trump 1Jun16 - 2

Nationally, the polling numbers are:

Rasmussen Poll 31 May to 1 June – Clinton 39/Trump 38
Quinnipiac Poll  24-30 May – Clinton 45/Trump 41
NBC News/WSJ Poll 15-19 May – Clinton 46/Trump 43

According to recent polling data available, if the election were today, odds are Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States, and Trump will be – God willing – a footnote in the history books.

If you are a Republican, fear for your Party; the lunatics – aka the Tea Party – are now clearly in charge of the asylum, and the future does not look very good for you, in fact, your party is starting to plunge off the cliff.

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