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Republicans cheer racial humor at conference?

It’s 2011, the 150th anniversary year of the American Civil War, and when in the south the Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) behaves as though it’s still 1861?

At its Republican Leadership Conference, delegates were “entertained” by Reggie Brown, a comedian and Barack Obama impersonator who was cheered and then taken from the stage after he mocked the Republican presidential hopefuls and joked about President Obama’s biracial roots.

Members of the GOTP, the party of “family values”, applauded and cheered when Brown projected lewd photos of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. Yeah, so much for portraying yourselves as modern day Puritans; applauding and cheering to naked pictures of a former congressman. So, basically, you have a comedian making fun of the first Black President’s biracial roots, and you cheer what is essentially pornography. What’s next; strippers popping out of a cake?

But of course it was OK for the largely white, conservative, “Christian” crowd to cheer a Black man making fun of a Black President, or to make fun of a Jewish congressman fallen from grace, but the crowd became strangely quiet when Brown turned his “wit” on the GOTP hopefuls looking to make Obama a one-term president. So, making fun of Blacks and Jews is OK, but not white GOTP candidates? This is how the GOTP demonstrates inclusion? I have an idea; maybe for the Republican Convention in 2012 the GOTP should feature white singers in Black face?

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