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Two U.S. Citizens Have Been Charged With Starting Arizona Wildfire John McCain and FOX PAC Claimed Was Started By Illegals?

According to Reuters two cousins who allegedly left a campfire unattended have been charged with starting Arizona’s largest ever wildfire that torched more than 800 square miles of wilderness prosecutors said on Wednesday.

Caleb Joshua Malboeuf, 26, and David Wayne Malboeuf, 24, were charged with starting the so-called Wallow Fire on May 29, in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest in eastern Arizona, the U.S. Attorney’s office said in a news release. The Malboeufs are United States citizens.

But wait just a minute, revered Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Senator John McCain – backed up by the “fair and balanced” folks of FOX PAC – claimed over-and-over the fire was started by illegal immigrants hiding out in the Arizona wilderness.

The Malboeuf cousins, both from southern Arizona, have been charged on five counts including causing timber to burn, leaving a fire unattended and unextinguished and building a campfire without removing all surrounding flammable material.

During June as several wildfires raged in the Mexico border state, McCain claimed there was “substantial evidence that some of these fires have been caused by people who have crossed our border illegally.”

McCain really needs to keep his pie hole shut on just about all things, and he really needs to think about retiring before he embarrasses himself beyond recovery – if that hasn’t already happened.

But McCain wasn’t alone in his claims as multiple FOX PAC personalities also made the same claim. Of course anytime anything happens you can bet FOX PAC will blame one of three parties, illegal aliens, Muslims or President Obama – we’re still waiting to see who gets the blame for Hurricane Irene.

FOX is not a news agency, it’s the propaganda wing for the GOTP and everyone knows it even if conservatives and viewers of FOX PAC won’t admit it. Clearly the reporting on FOX is becoming more-and-more inflammatory, biased and anything but fair and balanced.

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