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Veterans Hiring Bill Is A Democratic ‘Trick’?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) favorite, Senator Jim DeMint did not serve in Vietnam (although he was born in 1951) and he’s never served in the armed forces, and yet yesterday he  distinguished himself as the only senator to oppose a measure aimed at hiring veterans, calling it a “trick” by the Obama administration and Democrats.

He ducked out on those serving in Vietnam, and he’s ducked out on those who are serving now; well, at least he’s consistent.

DeMint says he knew his decision wouldn’t be popular, but still cast the lone vote against an amendment to grant employers tax breaks worth up to $9,600 for giving a veteran a job.

“I know what I’m about to discuss won’t be very popular. I’ll probably be accused of not supporting veterans by the politicians pandering for their votes,” DeMint said on the Senate floor Thursday. “But I’m not going to be intimidated to vote for something that may make sense politically but is inherently unfair.”

Well, you got that right Sparkie, you don’t support vets; DeMint voted to grant President Bush the authority to use force in Iraq, and has been supportive of the war – as most of the uber-conservatives have been – but when the Democratic Party assumed control of Congress in 2006 and attempted to pass resolutions calling for time-tables for withdraw, DeMint was a very vocal critic of those actions saying resolutions calling for time-tables were resolutions of defeat and disgrace.

Well, the actual disgrace is not supporting Vets once they’ve gone and done what he never had the guts to do – serve.

DeMint argued that passing such a tax break was simply catering to an interest group and predicted little hiring would come from the measure. “Despite the overwhelming evidence that these tax credits do not stimulate hiring for targeted groups, the Obama administration continues to push Congress to pass another tax credit, this time exclusively for veterans,” he said. “By using a politically sensitive group the day before Veterans Day, the Democrats are hoping they can trick Republicans into further complicating the tax code.”

Yes, yes, the President’s catering to an interest group; really? Those who have served are now going to be dismissed by the likes of DeMint as merely an “interest group”? DeMint claims to love his country but has been unwilling to serve or to fully support those who do, he wants to boast he’s strong on defense but clearly he’s not. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen are defense Mr. DeMint; they’re the muscle, bone, sinew and blood that pays for your ability to sit safely at home whining; if Karma’s listening then you’ll be duly thanked for your support the next time you run for anything.

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