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GOTP House wastes day voting to ban non-existent regulation?

While millions of Americans remain out of work, the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) controlled House passes a bill to ban a farm dust regulation the federal government has never proposed? The bill banning a non-existent federal regulation passed the House, sailing through easily on a party-line vote of 268 to 150.

The Huffington Post’s reporting that the measure, dubbed the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act of 2011, was professed by its lead sponsor, South Dakota GOTP Rep. Kristi Noem, to stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from writing a rule that would require farmers to take onerous steps to control dust from their land.

So, a United States Congresswoman is taking a leaf from the Bush/Cheney book of “strategery” and launching a pre-emptive strike against a regulation that might never have happened? Clearly 268 members of the House have forgotten what’s really pressing right now; it’s jobs morons!

According to Huffington, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson has said repeatedly that no such rule is in the works. What the EPA does do is review ambient air pollution standards every five years, as required by law, and make recommendations on whether or not to tighten standards.

“We have spent an entire day debating about a bill that does not address an existing problem,” said Colorado Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette.

“This entire session of Congress has felt to many of us like a trip into Alice’s Wonderland,” said DeGette. “To paraphrase the Cheshire Cat, ‘We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad. … You must be mad or you wouldn’t have come here.’ Sadly for the American people, H.R. 1633 simply underscores the ‘madness’ of this body right now.”

Well said Congresswoman; underscores the current House purrrrfectly.

Republicans countered that although no rule was proposed, they worried that someone might file a lawsuit someday to regulate farm dust.

“We know that many of the environmental decisions in America today are made by individuals and groups that file lawsuits,” said Kentucky GOTP Rep. Ed Whitfield. “That’s exactly what we’re afraid is going to happen in this instance.”

Next week the GOTP will no doubt pass legislation outlawing people from owning apes that talk because one day they might rise up and take over the world.

The measure is unlikely to move in the Senate, and Democrats complained it was a waste of time.

“Once again, House Republicans are wasting the Congress’s time on a bill that has nothing to do with creating jobs or dealing with the pressing issues that confront us before the end of the year,” said Democratic House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. “This farm dust bill is merely a smoke screen for Republican inaction on legislation that is actually important and would have significant bearing on millions of Americans.”

It’s not a smokescreen Congressman; it’s a smoke signal telling everyone know how truly screwed up the GOTP is. Millions are in want, and they’re protecting farmers from regulations that do not now, nor may never exist. One more item for anyone running against these yahoos to hold up and say, “This is the kind of nonsense Congressman Bozo has been voting on; while so many of our fellow Americans are out of work, he’s voting to stop imaginary regulations.”

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Sanders Calls for Shared Sacrifice

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has alleged while hard working Americans fill out their income tax returns this tax season, General Electric and other giant profitable corporations are avoiding U.S. taxes altogether, and with Congress returning to Capitol Hill this week to continue its seemingly never ending debate on spending cuts, he said the wealthiest Americans and most profitable corporations must do their share to help bring down our record-breaking deficit.

Sanders has renewed his call for shared sacrifice after it was reported that General Electric and other major corporations paid no U.S. taxes after posting huge profits. Sanders said it is grossly unfair for congressional Republicans to propose major cuts to Head Start, Pell Grants, the Social Security Administration, nutrition grants for pregnant low-income women and the Environmental Protection Agency while ignoring the reality that some of the most profitable corporations pay nothing or almost nothing in federal income taxes. And Senator Sanders is absolutely right. It’s time for the GOTP to stop pandering to its far right frantic fringe and start balancing the books by balancing the load.

Sanders has compiled a list of some of some of the 10 worst corporate income tax avoiders.

1)  Exxon Mobil made $19 billion in profits in 2009.  Exxon not only paid no federal income taxes, it actually received a $156 million rebate from the IRS, according to its SEC filings.

2)  Bank of America received a $1.9 billion tax refund from the IRS last year, although it made $4.4 billion in profits and received a bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department of nearly $1 trillion.

3)   Over the past five years, while General Electric made $26 billion in profits in the United States, it received a $4.1 billion refund from the IRS.

4)   Chevron received a $19 million refund from the IRS last year after it made $10 billion in profits in 2009.

5)   Boeing, which received a $30 billion contract from the Pentagon to build 179 airborne tankers, got a $124 million refund from the IRS last year.

6)   Valero Energy, the 25th largest company in America with $68 billion in sales last year received a $157 million tax refund check from the IRS and, over the past three years, it received a $134 million tax break from the oil and gas manufacturing tax deduction.

7)   Goldman Sachs in 2008 only paid 1.1 percent of its income in taxes even though it earned a profit of $2.3 billion and received an almost $800 billion from the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury Department.

8)   Citigroup last year made more than $4 billion in profits but paid no federal income taxes. It received a $2.5 trillion bailout from the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury.

9)   ConocoPhillips, the fifth largest oil company in the United States, made $16 billion in profits from 2007 through 2009, but received $451 million in tax breaks through the oil and gas manufacturing deduction.

10)  Over the past five years, Carnival Cruise Lines made more than $11 billion in profits, but its federal income tax rate during those years was just 1.1 percent.

Sanders has called for closing corporate tax loopholes and eliminating tax breaks for oil and gas companies. He also introduced legislation to impose a 5.4 percent surtax on millionaires that would yield up to $50 billion a year. The senator has said that spending cuts must be paired with new revenue so the federal budget is not balanced solely on the backs of working families.

“We have a deficit problem. It has to be addressed,” Sanders said, “but it cannot be addressed on the backs of the sick, the elderly, the poor, young people, the most vulnerable in this country.  The wealthiest people and the largest corporations in this country have got to contribute. We’ve got to talk about shared sacrifice.”


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