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What I heard during the GOTP Debate this

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Ohio Governor tells 360,000 Ohio workers this state’s government belongs to the corporations?

Ohio Governor John Kasich (another GOTP wanabee dictator) has signed a bill stripping collective bargaining rights from more than 360,000 state workers and bars them from striking. Democrats throughout the state have said they will collect some 230,000 signatures in the next 90 days to block immediate implementation of the law and put it to a public referendum on the November ballot.

“This idea of government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations has actually taken hold,” said Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D), who represents Ohio’s 10th District. “Unions are one of the last lines of defense against a corporate plutocracy.”

So, an out of control governor in Wisconsin decides he’s been essentially appointed as a dictator with his over the top attack on collective bargaining in his state, going so far as to ignore federal court orders to stand down, and now the governor of Ohio looks and says something like, “Oh goodie, I want to play too”?

Which states are next in our lineup of crazies from the far right GOTP? New Jersey? Florida or maybe New Mexico or Arizona? Wait, strike that, Arizona is already led by the looniest of the crazies; but where does this madness end? At the ballot box that’s where. Voters have got to wake up to fact that there are GOTP candidates out there who believe they have some sort of god given mandate, and that no power on earth can stop them. Enter the voters. Recalls have begun in Wisconsin, and will more than likely follow in Ohio as well.

It’s time for the Republican Tea Party politicians to get the message loud and clear, “ENOUGH”! You weren’t anointed, you were elected. You do not possess “phenomenal cosmic powers in the tiny little living space”. But keep it up, please.

Ignore the people of your states, and you will soon be some ex-governor working as a spokesperson for FOX next to another ex-governor from Alaska. FOX is always looking for another has been to add to its lineup.

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