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Mittens vetoed contraception bill for rape victims as governor?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful Mittens Romney mewed during this weekend’s debate about a question about whether states have the right to ban birth control, calling the question “silly” and saying that states wouldn’t want to do that anyway. But guess who, as governor of Massachusetts in 2005, vetoed a widely supported bill that would’ve made the morning-after pill available over the counter and require hospitals to offer emergency contraception to rape victims? That’s right, white bread conservative Mitt.

The good news was his moronic veto didn’t stand because the Massachusetts state Senate voted unanimously to overrule it, and the state House voted 139-16 to do the same.

The bad news for women is that Romney’s anti-contraception policies don’t end with the morning-after pill because Mittens is one in a long line of obtuse GOTP candidates signing their lives away on one pledge after another, and one of the pledges he’s put his Willard Hancock on is the pledge to eliminate the Title X family planning program, providing affordable contraception and other basic medical care to millions of uninsured or low-income women in medically underserved communities across the country, because as any Rodney Rich Pig can tell you, “Only rich women have the right to contraception”.

Romney’s once again misrepresented his real stance on an issue, if not outright lied about it to the American people. He’s a flip-flopper and a liar, and he’s not to be trusted.

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