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No Right Turns

OK, first of all not reading

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GOTP leader criticizes handling of Somali suspect?

The Senate Republican Tea Party (GOTP)  leader is criticizing the Obama administration’s decision to bring a Somali man facing terrorism charges to New York for trial.

GOTP Senator Mitch McConnell has reportedly said that moves by the Obama administration undermine U.S. national security and makes no sense when the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is available. The Kentucky GOTP lawmaker also questioned why the man is being given the rights and privileges of U.S. citizens, such as being read his Miranda rights.

OK Senator, where to start? How does it undermine our national security to try an alleged terrorist in a United States court? Answer; it doesn’t. Your assertion that he should be detained and tried before the military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay is the quaint throw back to the Bush/Cheney era of torture, imprisonment and trial from which President Obama is trying to steer our country away from. Your idiocy knows no bounds, and you display out in the open for all to see. We read Miranda rights to anyone, regardless of their citizenship, who is arrested in the United States. We wouldn’t want the alleged terrorist to be set free because he wasn’t read them would we? And oh by the way Senator, this was also the policy under the aforementioned Bush/Cheney administration, and as hard as you try, isn’t some grand scheme by the “socialistic” Obamaites to over throw the nation.

Furthermore Senator since you have made it your stated mission to defeat President Obama, basically everything you say has to be questioned not only for its validity and relevance but also for its accuracy. You’ve attempted – once again – to portray this President as being soft on terror; I’m sorry but which President actually ordered a Navy Seal team to get Bin Laden? Oh yeah, this one!

You are not relevant Senator, your views are not relevant, and you’re making a fool out of yourself. Please, unless you ever have something of substance to say, just keep your pie hole shut.

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