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No Right Turns

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No Right Turns

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Mittens Stashed Millions in Offshore Accounts?

ABC News is reporting Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate Willard Mittens Romney has stashed millions of dollars in offshore investments, a new report from ABC News finds.

The story shines more light on the never ending story that Mittens lives in a different reality from the rest of us, a reality where only elite 1% dwell.

According to ABC News, the former Bain Capital executive who’s reportedly worth upwards of $250 million holds around $8 million of his personal wealth in as many as 12 funds based in the Cayman Islands. Romney also lists a separate investment, valued between $5 million and $25 million, placed on the same Caribbean island chain.

ABC News reports that Romney’s former company – a company Mittens still gets paid from as art of his “retirement plan” – holds some 138 shrouded offshore funds in the Cayman Islands alone. Romney’s campaign of course is attempting to maintain that such behavior is not unusual, and that Romney himself has paid all the appropriate U.S. taxes on his holdings within the accounts.

Mittens is a liar, he’s a cheat, a fraud and he hides money in off shore accounts so he can evade taxes; yeah, he’s just the type of guy we need in the White House.

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