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Prepare for war with Iran?

Agence France Presse (AFP) is reporting that Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential bridesmaid Mittens Romney is accusing President Barack Obama of naivete on Iran and is promising that if elected president he would “prepare for war” with the Islamic republic.

In a commentary published in the Wall Street Journal, Romney said he would back up US diplomacy “with a very real and very credible military option,” deploying carrier battle groups to the Gulf and boosting military aid to Israel.

“These actions will send an unequivocal signal to Iran that the United States, acting in concert with allies, will never permit Iran to obtain nuclear weapons,” he wrote.

So, basically Mittens would continue the Obama Administration policies? Mittens is either ignorant to current foreign policy in the region or he’s being deliberately misleading; facts are we’ve had carrier battle groups in the region since Desert Storm and President Obama has increased aid to Israel as well as given the Israelis the 5,000 pound Bunker Buster bomb, which Bush refused to provide.

Romney reportedly keyed his column to a International Atomic Energy Agency report this week citing “credible evidence” that Iran had worked on a nuclear explosive device.

Iran of course, as most militant regimes do, denies it’s developing nuclear weapons and insists its nuclear program is for generating electricity, but the report has prompted calls in the West for tougher UN sanctions and demands by Israel for world to act to prevent Tehran for getting nuclear weapons.

Romney said the United States “needs a very different policy.”

“‘Si vis pacem, para bellum.’ That is a Latin phrase, but the ayatollahs will have no trouble understanding its meaning from a Romney administration: If you want peace, prepare for war,” he said.

Mittens further criticized the administration for failing to get Moscow’s support for tougher action against Tehran as the price for a “reset” in US-Russian relations, and Obama’s refusal to meddle during Iran’s Green Revolution of 2009.

“A proper American policy might or might not have altered the outcome; we will never know,” he wrote. “But thanks to this shameful abdication of moral authority, any hope of toppling a vicious regime was lost, perhaps for generations.”

Why does Mittens think he’s running for President in 1980? To listen to his statements and his debating you’d think the Soviet Bear was still preparing to devour Europe, that we had double digit inflation, hostages in Iran and long lines at gas stations.

Facts are Israel will never allow a nuclear Iran, and Romney is posturing for the uber-conservative base, beating his sword against his shield and spouting Latin as though he were a Caesar instead of an American politician running for president. Americans don’t want more war right now Mittens and we’re a little weary of the constant fear mongering and hand ringing of the conservative right.

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