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Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 19 Jan 12 (pre-South Carolina Primary) Edition

The GOTP nominating circus, specifically the GOTP clown car, continues spinning wildly down the road, and it’s spun another wannabe out the window; a new Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters conducted 17 Jan 12 has been released and the current poll results are:

Willard Mittens Romney 30; Newton “Benny Hill” Gingrich 27; Ricky “The Ric” Santorum 15 and Ronny Paul 13

The Palmetto State primary is Saturday and a new Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters conducted on 18 Jan 12 shows Newt in the lead once again: Gingrich 33; Romney 31; Paul 13 and Santorum 11

Romney continues to lead strongly in Florida where the new CNN/Time poll of likely voters conducted on 13 – 17 Jan 12 has Romney 43; Santorum 19; Gingrich 18 and Paul 9

In the upcoming Nevada Caucus Romney leads in the latest Las Vegas Review-Journal poll: Romney 35; Gingrich 26; Paul 5; Perry 4; Huntsman and Santorum 1

Concerning how the GOTP candidates stack up against the President, the latest PPP (D) poll of registered voters conducted 13 – 16 Jan 12, if the general election were held today:

President Obama 49/Romney 44

President Obama 49/Gingrich 42

President Obama 50/Santorum 42

President Obama 47/Paul 42

Romney’s primary record went from 2-0 to 1-1, and may be 1-2 come Saturday; a suddenly clear victory is now a possibly long and drawn out primary process.

So, if the GOTP clown car had finally stopped spinning, and the general election was held today, Willard Mittens Romney would be the GOTP nominee, and he’d lose to President Obama in the general election.

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