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GOTP invites business to vent about regulations?

“America’s business, is business.” ~ Calvin Coolidge

Not really surprised, but, I’m trying to see how repealing laws regulating business, like clean air, water and noise reduction are going to play anywhere outside the Republican Tea Partista’s (GOTP’s) base? Obvious answer is they’re not. These are repeals set up to repay the heavy contributions from the newly granted corporate-citizens of “Citizens United” acclaim. The case where at least one Associate Justice should have reclused himself – but more on that soon.

‎It’s been said GOTP Congressional committee chairmen are already under instructions from the Tea Partista leadership to get rid of – or modify – rules  businesses don’t like. So, in effect, these “new corporate-citizens” get to decide what is right for the rest of the 99.9% of us.

My biggest question would be, when does the GOP start having hearings where it begins to listen to other groups who don’t like those pesky government regulations. You know the ones? Can’t wait for the upcoming news story of how the GOP is holding hearings compiling info from various southern school districts which don’t like Brown v. Board of Ed?

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