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One has to wonder

One has to wonder what Donald Trump’s problem is.


donald_trump_FeaturedEffects_1Was he not hugged enough as a child?

Was he dropped on his head, multiple times, and kicked as a child?

First, he mocks the entire nation of Mexico, and now he mocks anyone who has ever been a Prisoner of War (POW) declaring in an appearance in Iowa, “He’s (John McCain) not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

He likes “people who weren’t captured?”

What exactly is his problem? Men and woman who were captured are not – in his pinheaded opinion – heroes? He only likes people “who weren’t captured?”

So, he does not like the 132,096 POWs from World War II through today?

How does the draft dodging Trump feel about America’s 32,404 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who are Missing in Action (MIA)? Does the man who received four educational deferments and one so-called medical deferment for a bone spur he cannot remember in which foot say, “I don’t like people who get lost?”

Trump is a clown in a primary full of clowns. He is the prince of the clowns, and he is leading in multiple Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) polls nationally. Many of his fellow candidates were quick to denounce his attack on McCain, but many of those same candidates failed to respond to his damning statements about Mexicans being “rapists” and “criminals.” Makes you wonder if these same individuals would have jumped on his case if McCain’s last name had been Rodriguez?

Trump’s comments about Mexicans and now on POWs might play well with the majority of the GOTP, but they do not play well with anyone else, and the “anyone else” is the majority of Americans.

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