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There’s no tie to right wing rhetoric and violence in America?

In 2007, Lou Dobbs – then at CNN – prominently backed a sweeping law against undocumented immigrants in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Fourteen months later, and just 20 miles from Hazleton, Luis Ramirez, a 25-year-old Mexican, was murdered by teenagers yelling racial slurs and “this is America, go back to Mexico” as they kicked him to death.

According to a New York Times report, “Many people believe the debate fueled by Hazleton’s actions helped create the environment that led to Mr. Ramirez’s death.”

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Immigration — Threats Flood Into Arizona Judge’s Office After SB-1070 Ruling?

Within hours of blocking key provisions of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, federal district court judge Susan Bolton received hundreds of threats at her court offices.

U.S. Marshal David Gonzales said the judge has been “inundated” with the threats.

“About 99.9% of the inappropriate comments are people venting. They are exercising their First Amendment rights, and a lot of it is perverted. But it’s that 0.1 percent that goes over the line that we are taking extra seriously.” He added, “It is policy at a juncture like this to increase security at the courthouse.”

The Marshall’s office would not say if any threats were coming from recognized hate groups, or if Bolton had received threats at her home. Nor would they discuss any extra security measures, which U.S. marshals routinely provide federal judges.

“It is policy at a juncture like this to increase security at the courthouse. Beyond that, I cannot discuss security matters,” Gonzales said.

Bolton is not the only official facing hostility following Wednesday’s ruling. On Thursday, Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) was forced to close his district office in Yuma, AZ, after “finding a window shattered and a bullet inside.”

In April, on the same day SB-1070 was signed into law, Grijalva — an outspoken opponent of the legislation who had called for boycotting the state — closed two district offices “after a man called the Tucson office twice threatening to ‘come in there and blow everybody’s head off,’ and then go to the U.S.-Mexico border to ‘shoot any Mexicans that try to come across.'”

Local militiamen have organized “combat veterans, with kill records, to camp out and patrol” the U.S.-Mexico border, and Neo-Nazis in Arizona now “patrol the border” aiming to “kill or capture immigrants.” Besides immigration-related violence, “threats of violence against lawmakers” also “spiked in the immediate aftermath of the healthcare reform battle in Congress,” when vandals targeted the offices of pro-reform members and threatened to “assassinate” the lawmakers’ children.

Last year, The Arizona Republic reported that the number of threats nationwide against federal judges and prosecutors, plus jurors and witnesses, more than doubled in the past six years, from 592 to nearly 1,300. Gonzales indicated at the time the federal judges in Arizona get three to four threats a week. One federal prosecutor in Tucson revealed she had round-the-clock protection for 10 days after one threat. Federal judges reported that some threat-makers posted personal information about them on websites.

Gonzales said the increase in threats coincides with more online use and the proliferation of blogs. On Thursday he said his agents were aware of hateful threats made about Bolton online since her ruling against the Arizona law. A quick scan shows numerous sites and discussion forums where Bolton is called traitor or other unprintable names.

“I talk with her every day. She’s tough as nails. She takes this as all part of her job,” Gonzales said.

What a wonderful country we live in where citizens can threaten the life of a federal judge for ruling in favor of the Constitution they claim to love, where Neo-Nazis can “patrol” the state’s border with Mexico, and where “militia” groups can recruit former members of our military with “kill records” to “guard” their state’s border. What a wonderful country indeed. Something tells me there’s a lot more to the right’s desire to overturn the Fourteenth Amendment than just immigrant’s kids.

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If Obama Weren’t Black He’d be a Tour Guide in Honolulu?

During his Tuesday radio program, GOPB spokesman, Rush Limbaugh decided there ain’t nothing like some good old fashioned race-baiting claiming that President Obama “wouldn’t have been voted president if he weren’t black.” Never mind the fact that the President was elected by the largest majority since Reagan. So, by this logic Reagan was only elected because he was old?

But wait, that’s not all, if the first comment weren’t bad enough Rush added, “If Obama weren’t black he’d be a tour guide in Honolulu.” Rush, don’t you mean he’d be a tour guide in Kenya?

According to Rush then, Black Americans only succeed in America because of their race. They can’t succeed because they’re qualified. What else has Limbaugh said regarding race? Well let’s have a look. On professional football Limbaugh said, “Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons,” Rush claimed.

And of course there’s the famous line that got him fired from ESPN, “I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well.  They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well.  I think there’s a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of his team that he really didn’t deserve.”

Mr. Limbaugh is a racist. He is not funny. He is not glib. He is a racist.

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Is Rush Limbaugh a Racist? Part Two

limbaugh debate

If you say, about a Black President, “It is offensive to the sensibilities of millions of people to hear a member of the state run media refer to a half black half white human being with no experience running anything of substance referred to as a god. He may be president of the United States, but he is not a god.” You just might, probably, be a racist.

And yet this is exactly what right wing blow hard Rush Limbaugh said, referring to an observation made about President Barack Obama on MSNBC.

Personally, who cares why he said it. The fact is he said it. Why would any rationally thinking person say such a thing? The answer is a rationally thinking person wouldn’t say it, but a racist would.

Rush Limbaugh’s comment is every bit as offensive as any made by any other radio talk show host, oh I don’t know? Like Don Imus maybe? No need to worry about the Democratic Congress censoring El Rushbo, sooner or later his own mouth is going to lead to his being escorted away from the golden EIB microphone, not by government officials, but by executives from Clear Channel.

While we’re on the subject, which millions sensibilities being offended were you referring to Rush? The 14 million or so ditto heads listening to the likes of you, Hannity et al? It’s far more offensive to the sensibilities of many, many millions beyond your shrinking audience to have to listen to the hate speak passing today as political commentary from the extreme right of the political spectrum.

You Mr. Limbaugh, and anyone who shares your sentiments, are a racist. I’m sure generations of freedom loving, patriotic Limbaughs would be so proud.

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Is Associate Justice Samuel Alito a Racist?

sam alito

Following his nomination by President George W. Bush to the post of Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court to replace the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor, Judge Samuel Alito’s membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP) was raised.

So he belonged to an organization at Princeton, what’s the big deal?

Well, normally membership to organizations might not mean anything, but what if a future member of the United States Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, one of nine lifetime appointments, was to have belonged to an organization which had as its expressed goals the limiting of admissions of women and minorities to a college or university?

Under today’s standards for choosing members of the Supreme Court as outlined by Rush, Hannity, Beck, et al, Justice Alito’s membership in such an organization would have been seen as “overtly racist” and as a certain “disqualification”.

Using the standards of R, H, B et al, we would be forced to make the following comparison: “What if a Latina nominated to the Supreme Court had belonged to an organization which stated as one of its founding principles the exclusion of men and especially white men from a college campus?

“We would have to conclude that such a membership was racist, and that she should be excluded from serving on the highest court in the land; that she should be excluded from being rewarded with one of only nine lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court”.

But what if that Associate Justice had forgotten about his membership in this nefarious organization? Or at the very least claimed to have forgotten? When questioned by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) about his involvement, his membership, in CAP Alito claimed to have no memory of being a member of the group. It was pointed out however, that in his 1985 ‘Personal Qualifications Statement’ when applying to be an Assistant Attorney General, he listed his membership in CAP as a qualification.

So, a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court claims on an application in 1985 to belong to a campus organization, but 20 years later says he can’t remember belonging to the group? It can only be concluded that Mr. Alito lied. He either lied when he applied to be an Assistant Attorney General, or he lied under oath during his confirmation hearing when he claimed he couldn’t remember belonging to CAP.

Seems to me that a nominee to the United States Supreme Court not only appears to have belonged to a racist, sexist organization while attending law school, but that he also lied about his membership in the same organization.

Under the newly constitued rules for determining a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, the rules as imposed by the esteemed legal team of Rush, Hannity, Beck et al, it would appear that Associate Justice Samuel Alito is not only a racist, but also a liar. Either of which, or both of which, would certainly be a disqualification.

You can’t have it all one way fellas. A standard of qualification is a standard. You can’t have your judical cake and eat it too.

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Are Obama and Sotomayor Racists?

So, Rush has declared that Sotomayor is a racist. Thus she must be a racist. At least that’s what Rush and his 14 million listeners believe. Thank God it’s only 14 million, because that means the majority of the Republican Party is still in control of its senses. Maybe one day the adults will once again run the GOP.

El Rushbo declared today, “I said this on Tuesday, to tell the American people who Obama is. She is a reflection of Barack Obama’s own racial identity, his own bigotry. That’s why she was chosen.”

On her qualifications for sitting on the Supreme Court Rush said, “Sotomayor’s ‘wise Latina’ comment is absolutely disqualifying.

“When a nominee for the United State’s Supreme Court, one of only nine lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court, one of only nine makes an overtly brazen racist comment about tens of millions of American citizens while she is a judge and that nominee is rewarded for it with a nomination to the Supreme Court, we don’t need lectures. I don’t need lectures from any columnist or any commentator on TV about decorum.”

On commenting about opposing President Obama’s pick to replace retiring Justice David Souter Rush said, “But Republicans are supposed to sit by and watch this person who is utterly unqualified be confirmed? The only reason the Republicans are putting duct tape on their mouths is to appease critics. They’re being told that shutting up and holding back is smart politics.”

There’s something “self-destructive,” Rush said, about Republicans not challenging Sotomayor, adding: “Letting Sonia Sotomayor get away with her statement is renouncing decades of progress in civil rights. Do you understand what a setback this is?”

Rush Limbaugh is going to lecture President Obama about “renouncing decades of progress in civil rights”? You’ve got to be kidding me. The only “setback” occurring from this nomination is the setback to the Republican Party if it actually listens to the likes of Limbaugh, Levine, Beck, et al.

Maha Rushdi continued his attack on Sotomayor saying, “A woman as a judge makes a blatantly racist, bigoted comment and she is rewarded with a promotion to the Supreme Court?”

“So we have made a lot of progress with civil rights but now, with this? How do you get promoted in the Barack Obama administration? By hating white people or even saying you do or that they’re not good — put them down, whatever.

“However, those who do vote for her are voting to enshrine bigotry on the Supreme Court and to renounce decades of racial progress.” The question needs to be asked, said Rush: How could a president nominate such a candidate? Rush added: “That’s what would be asked if somebody were foolish enough to nominate David Duke or pick somebody even less offensive.”

So, to get promoted in the Obama Administration you have to either be a racist or do something racist? If you are Barack Obama anything you do is questioned as racist against white Americans. Did I hear correctly? Is Rush Limbaugh, the titular head of the Republican Party actually comparing a very respected, highly qualified judge to Daivd Duke?

How can someone like Rush, himself a sexist, bigoted, racist, call someone else a racist? And make no mistake, Rush is a sexist, bigoted, racist. He routinely calls women “babes” and “feminazi”, and once told a Black caller to “remove the bone from her nose” and to call him back.. He most recently claimed it must have been hard for President Obama to order the Navy to shoot the Black teenage pirates. Rush is a racist, and he and others like him are leading the GOP to its own destruction.

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Is Rush Limbaugh a Racist?

limbaugh debate

If you talk about President Obama wanting to enforce reparations by increasing the food stamp benefits, unemployment benefits, and expanding the welfare state, you just might be a racist.

On Monday morning, during his daily blow fest, Rush Limbaugh attempted to articulate what the “true” economic objectives of the Obama Administration were.

Rush said, “This is the objective. The objective is unemployment; the objective is more food stamp benefits; the objective is more unemployment benefits; the objective is an expanding welfare state; the objective is to take the nation’s wealth and return it to the nation’s rightful owners.

“Think reparations. Think forced reparations here if you want to understand what actually is going on.”

Think reparations?

What reparations are we talking about paying here Rush? Reparations to Japanese-Americans held unconstitutionally during World War II? Can’t be. The U.S. Government paid reparations to those families to the tune of $1.6 billion in 1988.

So, to whom are you referring Rushbo?

Must be the families of former slaves? Don’t know about you Rush; but that sound like a racist statement to me.

If it walks like it’s wearing a white sheet; and it talks like it’s wearing a white sheet, it’s wearing a white sheet. No question about it Rush. You’re a racist

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Rush is Running the Republicn Party?

So, let me get this straight, Michael Steele, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee says that Rush Limbaugh is not the “de-facto” head of the Republican Party, says that he is, and then says that Rush is only a comedian, a mere “entertainer” whose show is “incendiary” and “ugly.” But wait, as they say on infomercials, “That’s not all!” The next day Steele apologized to Limbaugh.

Mr. Steele, this is exactly why I have changed my registration from Republican to Democrat after 29 years. Rush IS a “mere entertainer” and his so-called comedy IS not only “incendiary” and “ugly”, but IS also divisive and racist. Your apology has placed Rush squarely as the “de-facto” head of the GOP. You have placed the court jester on the party’s throne, and you have made yourself the court jester.

So let’s recap, we have the likes of Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal being hailed as the future of the GOP, and Rush Limbaugh as the “de-facto” head of the party. Yeah, good luck with that.

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