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No Right Turns

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Romney’s staff meets at dance club

According to news reports, staffers for Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful Willard Mitt Romney held a meeting at a club catering to adults offering “body painting”, ‎”Models/Dancers/Showgirls” and where the “The Mint’s three unique bar experiences will invite discovery and ignite excitement”.

But wait, that’s not all, one review of the “meeting place” said in a review, “The club also offers a ‘specialty champagne bar in the co-ed bathroom.’ In the marble unisex bathroom, a bartender makes drinks while patrons take ‘socializing in the bathroom to a new level”

Yep, it just speaks like the type of place the first Mormon candidate for President of the United States should have tied to his name and campaign; it just screams “family Values”!

Romney 2012! Family Values, and a whole lot more!


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