Liberty should not be traded for safety

07 Oct

Benjamin Franklin once said, “They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” So, do those who would rush to the banner of McCain/Palin deserve either liberty or safety?

Do those who have begged for civil liberties to be eroded so that they can feel safe in their homes deserve it?

Do those who stand idle and watch the said erosion deserve either?

I would say that safety at the expense of ones personal freedoms and liberties is not safety. It may hold at bay the wolves who would feed upon the flesh of patriots, but it is not safety. Those who would wish to do us harm from without, have done far less to our country than those who would usurp our civil liberties in the name of safety, and under the guise of homeland security.

What does it profit us to live safe, but to lose each day a small portion of freedoms until there are no more? Be not deceived. Your rights and privileges are being slowly eroded. The sweet breath of freedom for which countless soldiers have given their last full measure is slowly turning to the stench of slavery all in the name of safety.

Four years of McCain/Palin is four more years of erosion. Four more years of corruption. Four more years of torture and unlawful imprisonment. Four more years of rights, liberties and truth being suppressed. McCain/Palin is a ticket set up to continue what Bush/Cheney began in the name of keeping us safe. Do not my fellow citizens give in to the rhetoric of fear. The rhetoric of hate. The rhetoric of ignorance. Better to hope for a newer America, than to live in the old. Better to die free, than to live safe. Better to vote for the future of our country, than for the past.

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