Is the Defacto GOP Leader an Extremist?

13 Apr


How can you make such a claim that Rush is an extremist? Well, not only is Rush the closest thing to being an extremist, but so are most of the right-wing radio knuckleheads out there. You name them, Hannity, O’Rielly, Ingraham, Beck, they have all made fanatical claims about President Obama, and where he is “leading our country”, all while wrapping themselves in the flag, and carrying the cross for the religious right of America.

Hannity – to use his own familiar tactic – has had close ties to self-described neo-Nazi Hal Turner, who was once a regular caller to his show, having been given the “special” number to call-in without waiting. Now of course Hannity has claimed to have distanced himself from Turner when he learned who he truly was, but – to use Hannity’s own words against President Obama – “…you have to seriously wonder about these so-called ‘former’ ties.” Hannity should answer fully his relationship with Turner. How long has he known him? Where did he meet him? Why was he allowed to part of his radio program for so long? When did Hannity first learn of Turner’s neo-Nazi leanings? What was he thinking by being so closely tied to Turner?

They have supported the United States’ “pre-emptive” invasion of a sovereign nation all in the name of “national security”, gee sounds like Germany vs. Czechoslovakia, Poland, etc. Why not invade Cuba; or how about Mexico? No, no, we have to advocate invading Iraq, and even Iran. If these fascists had things their way, we would already have boots on the ground in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, basically anywhere Islam is practiced.

They have supported the torture of prisoners, while joking about it, with euphemisms like, “Club Gitmo”. It’s all OK though, because these “prisoners” aren’t really people. They’re terrorists. So, we can torture them all we want. One of their favorite rants was, “What if someone had your child, and wouldn’t tell you where they were? Wouldn’t you use whatever force necessary to find out?” American soldiers don’t torture prisoners! Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and a small number of officers and NCOs’ authorized it or allowed it to happen. But these right-wing jocks all supported it. In their Extremist America torture is OK.

They have supported the Patriot Act, one of the single most heinous legislative acts by our government designed to usurp the rights of the nation’s citizens, again while proclaiming “national security”. Sounds a little like Nazi Germany in the 1930’s doesn’t it?

They, and a lot of “so-called” Christian conservatives, deride the President and claim he’s going to take away our guns, leading to panic in Pittsburgh where we tragically lost three of our finest; the blood of those three valiant police officers is also on your hands! You preach fear and panic, you earn the praise of your devoted listeners, and you also earn the blame and shame when one of them kills because of your words.

When have they said wild or provocative things about guns?

How about this little sound bite from El Rushbo’s just this past Tuesday, April 14, 2009: It started off when a caller begins ranting about doing things based on the Constitution, “We’re the people that want to go back to the Constitution, that, you know, really love our freedom and understand that it’s being taken away, and therefore, we pose an enormous threat to the government. We’re the people buying guns and storing ammunition and preparing for the time where we have to fight the government off.”

Rush replied, “Wait a minute, though. I understand the point you’re trying to make, but that’s not extremism…They don’t get to define the terms. We are not extremists. Those of us who want to protect the founding of this nation and preserve it as we were born and grew up, we are not extremists. They are the extremists. They’re not right about this.”

Maha Rushdi, this is extremism and you are propagating it and supporting its continued growth.

Not one of them – Rush, Hannity, O’Rielly, Ingraham or Beck – has ever worn the uniform of our nation’s military. Not one of them has ever placed all that they hold dear upon the altar of freedom. But hey Hannity holds concerts to help out, all while advocating U.S. soldiers being deployed into the chaos and quagmire of Iraq!

Concerts won’t bring back the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers or sisters you helped to send there Hannity. I know you’re supposedly a good God-fearing, Irish Catholic, but indulgences don’t apply Sean me boy, you can’t buy your way out of it. Their blood is also on your hands. You – as well as Rush, O’Rielly, Ingraham, Beck, etc., all advocated for this war, you fully supported it, and the blood of all those who died in it is on your garments.

These so-called, self-promoted, “great Americans” are neither great, nor American. They do not support the Constitution, or its Bill of Rights. They continue to support policies from an administration that was openly advocating the wire tapping of churches and mosques, and the searching of homes in America not only without warrants but conducted by the U.S. military!

They openly espouse the failure of our country’s policies, and gleefully hope that President Obama will fail. Are they Patriots? I think not. Are they Great Americans? I think not. Are they Lovers of freedom? I think not.

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