Where have the flag lapel pins gone?

13 Apr

Who said the following about wearing a U.S. flag lapel pin?

“Why do we wear pins? Because our country was under attack…And to politicize once again the war to this extent. Well, who cares about the war? Are you proud of your country? Do you believe in America? Do you believe that America has been, continues to be the greatest force for good in this world?” 

“I think it’s, you know, the greatest gift God gave us and continues to be a force for good.”

If you said Sean Hannity; you win!

Notice anything missing from Hannity’s lapels?

Does this show us what you – Sean (I’m a Great American) Hannity – really thinks of our country? Doesn’t it demonstrate how you really feel about the Constitution and the sacrifice our brave soldiers? Don’t you care about the war? Aren’t you proud of your country? Don’t you believe in America? Don’t you believe that America has been, continues to be the greatest force for good in this world?”

But wait! Hannity isn’t alone in this; during his October 27 2008 broadcast, Rush Limbaugh – the leader of the GOP – criticized candidate Barrack Obama for not wearing a flag on his lapel, “Obama, ladies and gentlemen, calls himself a constitutional professor or a constitutional scholar. In truth, Barack Obama was an anti-constitutional professor. He studied the Constitution, and he flatly rejected it. He doesn’t like the Constitution, he thinks it is flawed, and now I understand why he was so reluctant to wear the American flag lapel pin. Why would he? I don’t see how he can take the oath of office” because “[h]e has rejected the Constitution.”

Notice anything missing from El Rushbo’s lapel?

Does this mean you’re “anti-constitutional” Rush? Could it mean that you have rejected the Constitution?

Bill O’Reilly also chimed in on this “controversy”, saying about Candidate Obama, “I didn’t take Obama’s lack of the lapel pin as anything other than he’s either too lazy … to put it on, or he doesn’t want to put it on.”


So Billo? Which is it? Are you just too lazy? Or do you just not care? You just don’t want to put the flag on?

Not to be left wanting, during a broadcast where he was discussing Barrack Obama’s lack of flag wearing, Neal Boortz said, “I think that maybe the reason he doesn’t wear a U.S. flag on his lapel is because the U.S. flag — regardless of what he thinks — the flag of this country irritates a lot of Democrat [sic] voters.”


Neal? Where’s your flag pin?

Does this mean that the flag of this country irritates a lot of Republican voters? Or Libertarian voters?

Surely the guy who just loves America so darned much he cries just thinking about it will have…

Congressional Leaders Honor Fresco Painter Of The Capitol Constantino Brumidi


Of course no discussion on patriotism or on loving the Constitution and what it stands for would be complete without a comment from that Pilar of Constitutional Liberties Karl Rove, who once questioned President Obama’s patriotism on not wearing a lapel pin, stating, “I think it speaks to the values of the candidate.”

Mortgage Bankers Hold Nat'l Conference in S.F

Wait a minute! Where’s your pin Karl? Isn’t this a question of your values?

Mr. Speaker! Mr. Speaker!

Where’s your flag pin?

But surely the former GOP presidential candidates will…




What about the newbies in the GOP presidential circle?

Don’t see your patriotism Bobby.

Sorry, that’s not a flag Eric.

Governor Huntsman? No flag pin?


Lindsey! Where’s your patriotic spirit?


Oh no! Say it ain’t so Sarah! Where’s your big gaudy flag pin you were sporting just a few months ago?


Oh, there it is, along with your blue star mother’s pin you were wearing before your son deployed. Trying to appear even more patriotic were we? Oh well, never mind you’ve still got that whole family values thing working for you.

I think what this demonstrates is, if we are going to proclaim other’s allegiance to our country based upon if they are wearing a lapel pin, or not, don’t you think those casting the first stones should be wearing one? Or that those who represent the political party which thought this was a legitimate campaign issue should always be wearing one too. After all, if they truly loved their country…

Makes you wonder about everything else they claim to care about doesn’t it? Or it should.

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