Flag Pins and Patriotism

27 Apr

After looking into where all the flag pins had gone, I decided to see who else wasn’t wearing flag pins? I thought, “If flag lapel pins are that important in determining who was, and who was not a patriot, then surely the Presidents of our great land would have worn one?”

File:Washington (3).jpg

The Father of our country never sported a flag pin…


The author of the Declaration of Independence never wore a flag pin…

The Father of the Constitution isn’t wearing one…


The hero of the Battle of New Orleans doesn’t seem to have one…

Abe Lincoln 2

The man who saved the union! No flag pin?


No pin for U.S. Grant…


Teddy! I’m shocked!


FDR didn’t sport a flag pin?

File:Dwight D. Eisenhower, official Presidential portrait.jpg

Ike didn’t seem to have a need for a flag pin in his lapel. Was the hero of World War II not patriotic? Did he not love his country?

Not only did these great men, not one of whom could be called unpatriotic, but not one President up until George W. Bush ever seems to have worn a flag lapel pin. What does this say? Does a small pin of our flag truly gauge ones love of country? Does it point out the patriot from the traitor?

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