Service is the first step towards fascism?

17 Sep


GOP spokes mouth Rush Limbaugh exclaimed on 9-11 that, “Community service is the first step toward fascism.”

Really Rush?

Community service is the first step towards Fascism?

Do you have some kind of historical basis for this assumption? Any kind of historical basis?

No? Well, what a surprise. Perhaps your buddy Glenn Beck can have a professor at the University of I Can’t Remember find something to base your comments on.

I don’t think you’ll ever find any kind of historical basis though. But, who knows? Perhaps somewhere in that America you and your Ditto-heads seem to want to go back too. Which America is that by the way?

The America where we have only white Presidents?

The America where the CIA illegally tortures prisoners?

The America where the Executive Branch lies to the Legislative Branch?

The America where a Republican Presidential Candidate say it’s OK to wiretap houses of worship?

But we digress.

So, community service is the first step towards fascism. Well, then the Boy Scouts of America must be what? The United State’s version of the Hitler Youth? After all one of the last things you do in order to gain the rank of Eagle is to perform what? Oh yeah, community service.



Yep, looks like Rush might be right, it does appear that National Service is indeed the first step to fascism…

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