Gingrich says he’s more inclined than not to run?

06 Dec


The very thought Newt Gingrich is seriously considering a run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012 can make one positively giddy. I can’t wait to see the circus created with Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich both running. YES! Saturday Night Live is saved!

Gingrich is obviously hoping Americans, especially Republicans, will not remember that by the end of his second year serving as House Speaker more than 58 percent of people polled believed he should be replaced as Speaker because he wasn’t considered either honest or trustworthy enough to continue in his office.

No doubt, he’s also hoping voters won’t remember that he was forced to resign, not only as Speaker, but also from his Seat amidst a brewing ethics scandal and following the GOP loss of House seats in the 1998 elections.

Finally, I’m certain he’s hoping voter’s will forget his somewhat tainted personal life, replete with extra marital affairs, and asking one of his wives for a divorce – because he now loved his mistress – while she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Yep, he’s just the guy the GOP needs as its champion for “family values”.


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