Glenn Beck is a Jedi Master?

09 Dec

From the folks at Media Matters: “On his Fox News show, Beck attacked The Wall Street Journal‘s Thomas Frank for writing a column critical of Beck’s view of history, saying that the piece had ‘no substance.’ Beck added: ‘There never is. What they do is they attack. They smear and hope something sticks. Frank/Thomas, and those just like you — they’re in love with President Obama and his agenda.’ He went on to say: ‘They look to destroy anyone that stands in their way, but they will fail. Yes, because I’m a Jedi master. As long as we are all standing, we will not fail, as long as we [are] here in the fire of truth.’ [Glenn Beck, 8/4/10, via Nexis]”

So, Glenn Beck is a Jedi Master? Let me think … Nope, he’s not. If Beck were anything he’d be a Sith apprentice, and that would mean there has to be a Sith Lord out there somewhere. Because, as Master Yoda once said, “Two there always are, a Master and an apprentice.”

But who would be the Master?

Why of course! It’s so obvious! FOX PAC owner Rupert Murdoch!

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Posted by on December 9, 2010 in Lunatics, Politics, Tea Party


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