Trump Engaging in ‘Retroactive Bigotry’?

03 May

Georgetown University Professor Eric Dyson, a prominent African-American academic, said on CBS’ face the Nation last weekend that Donald Trump is engaging in “retroactive bigotry” when he questions President Obama’s intelligence and background and told Republicans to do one of two things, “either embrace Trump or distance themselves.”

So, Trumper is a retroactive racist? Now really, isn’t that going too far? I wouldn’t say he was retroactively being a racist, he is a racist. What else can it be called when no one has ever asked one of our previous presidents to provide a birth certificate? Of course, the other 43 presidents were all white.

“This is racism by inference,” Dyson said. “Skepticism about black intelligence and suspicion about black humanity have gone hand in hand throughout the history of this country in feeding the perception that black people don’t quite measure up.”

Dyson pointed out the obvious concerning the president’s academic accolades, including graduating magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and also being the first African-American to edit the Harvard Law Review.

“The reality is that Barack Obama has been called to account by a man who has nothing near the intellectual credibility or the social standing that the president has,” Dyson said during the interview.

Dyson said, “We (African-Americans) are constantly questioned as to our legitimacy – whether we belong or not – and Barack Obama is our big brother in that case. … An assault on him is an assault on everybody.”

Truth is Trump is now inconsequential; he’s yesterday’s news, and one of the best lines to come out of the result of this past weekend’s seal mission is something President Obama would no doubt love to say, “Sorry it took so long to get you my birth certificate; I was busy killing Bin Laden.” Of course Trump was busy too, he was firing Gary Busey.


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3 responses to “Trump Engaging in ‘Retroactive Bigotry’?

  1. Brenda Levis

    May 3, 2011 at 22:23

    OBAMA acted UNPRESIDENTIAl AT THE DINNER – OBAMA is President not a television HOST. BY THE WAY, OBAMA is as much white as black-
    that is the reason he IS president. Stop using the RACE CARD, it is really out dated among educated white people and Donald Trump is educated and not a racist. He brought the Birther Issue to closure- many people wanted to know- otherwise it would never die. Obama should be happy.

    • Phil Bundy

      May 4, 2011 at 04:59

      Sorry to disagree, but Trump is simply being the front guy for the larger group who have acted very racist. NO OTHER PRESIDENT has ever been subjected to this kind of scrutiny. If the President’s name was O’Brien no one would have ever asked for a birth certificate.

  2. Brenda Levis

    May 3, 2011 at 22:25

    Love to hear from you-


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