Latest 2012 Presidential Polls (8 Aug 11 Edition)

08 Aug

As we move into the first week of August, here are the most current 2012 presidential election poll numbers.

USA Today/Gallup polling conducted from 4 to 7 August 2011 –who would be the Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) nominee if it all ended today:

Romney 24, Perry 17, Paul 14, Bachmann 13, Gingrich 7, Cain 4, Pawlenty 3, Huntsman 2 and bringing up the rear it’s Santorum with 1 …

So, Romney (aka Flopsy Mopsy) has pulled ahead slightly, with Perry (Pres of the 2nd Republic of Texas) slipping a little, possibly because of his evangelical prayer fest, and Palin (aka the Ice Queen) gets absolutely no mention in our current numbers; Paul moves up, while Bachmann (aka Krazy) is slipping farther behind no doubt due to her hubby’s business of praying the gay away – and her poll numbers too; Gingrich moves ahead a little, as Cain (aka the Pizza Man, who has never met a Muslim he hasn’t disliked) skids farther down; Pawlenty remains stagnant, Huntsman rises a little and Santorum slithers to the bottom of the political gene pool.

In Iowa – according to Rasmussen – Bachmann’s shine is fading 22; Mitt 21; Paul 16; Perry 12; Pawlenty 11; Gingrich 5 and Cain 4 …

In New Hampshire – according to PPP (D): Flopsy 25, Bachmann 18, Palin 11, Paul 9, Perry and Cain 7, Pawlenty and Huntsman 6 and Gingrich 4…

So, how does the GOTP pack stack up against President Obama?

If the election was held today, according to FOX PAC:

President Obama 47/Romney 41

President Obama 49/Bachmann 38

President Obama 47/Perry 37

President Obama 47/Pawlenty 37

President Obama 48/Cain 35

President Obama /Gingrich

President Obama / Palin

President Obama /Paul

President Obama /Huntsman

If the GOTP nomination circus – and the general election – had both ended this week Flopsy would be the GOTP candidate, and he would still have lost to the President.

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