Social Security and Medicare have weakened us?

03 Sep

This week there’s been a lot of speculation surrounding Marco Rubio being the shoe-in for the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Vice Presidential pick? Wow, really? Go with another obvious ploy to try to win a minority faction the GOTP has no hope of ever capturing? I mean sure, Rubio has Tea Party credentials, is Latino, and hails from Florida; but the fact you pick a Latino doesn’t absolve the GOTP of its virulent anti-Hispanic, anti-immigrant rhetoric and theatrics.

The fact he’s a Tea Party favorite scores you nothing unless you’re Mitt Romney and need to kiss and make-up with the Tea Partistas, but being a Roman Catholic isn’t going to score you any points with the far-right evangelical fringe – which happens to make up a lot of the Tea Party. Yeah a Mormon and a Roman Catholic wins you zip. If you’re Rick Perry you don’t need to garner Tea Party votes, so does anyone really think you need Rubio for Tea Partista support; really?

Can Rubio deliver Florida? Well, considering he wouldn’t be in office today if the Democratic vote hadn’t been split, and considering he only polls at 43% with most Floridians, his ability to deliver a state that went to President Obama in 2008 is questionable, especially considering its high senior population and his latest remarks about how Social Security and Medicare have weakened the United States; it’s just one more case of a GOTP politician throwing the Greatest Generation under the bus – thanks for saving the world, but you’ve weakened it?

During a speech at the Reagan library concerning Social Security and Medicare Marco said the following, “These programs actually weakened us as a people. You see, almost forever, it was institutions in society that assumed the role of taking care of one another.”

It’s almost as though GOTP politicians today think only the people at the event will ever hear what they’re saying. Did he really think no one would pick up on that kind of comment? Has he forgotten the whole Paul Ryan wants to throw Grandma off the cliff mess from earlier this year?

This kind of Draconian speech appeals to only one group of voters today, the far-right Tea Partista type. The ones who want to dismantle federal government to pre-1860 standards; the type who think FEMA needs to go away, and that Grandma and Grandpa should have planned better for their retirement years. But, where it’s not going to play is with thinking moderates, the group any GOTP ticket needs in order to win in 2012, and trust me, if Rubio’s on the ticket the sound bite will be used until people’s ears are bleeding from hearing it; this will come back to bite a ticket with Marco on it.

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