Krazy says Food Industry Over Regulated?

20 Sep

In the typical conservative bait and switch move, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) pugilist Michele “Krazy” Bachmann is claiming regulations are overburdening American food producers, while at the same time offering zero specific rules she’d repeal either as a congresswoman or as the president. Her statement comes little more than a week after the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it was going to implement wider testing for potentially deadly E. coli in meat.

“We want to have safety,” she said. “But we also want to have common sense.”

According to the Associated Press (AP) Bachmann says a lightened regulatory load would allow employers to spend money on expansion rather than federal compliance.

And her Brain Captain was screaming, “Because the biggest thing Government should ever do is to make sure businesses can make more money!”

“That’s part of the problem, the overkill,” Krazy told reporters. “And when they make it complicated, they make it expensive and so then you can no longer stay in business.”

“So, they should just make everything really simple, and then it would cost less, and people could make more money, and the size of government would shrink, and we could get back to making sausages the way we used to with pieces of children who get caught in the grindy-upper machines after working long hours for next to no pay, and the businesses will make lots more money and we will have more delicious sausage,” her inner voice said.

The Agriculture Department said expanding testing of E. coli in meat from one strain to seven would hasten recalls of tainted products and help officials identify more food borne illnesses.

But, surprise, surprise, the meat industry opposed the move as too expensive without enough benefit.

Wow, “too expensive without enough benefit.” Really, how much is a single life worth compared to the meat industry’s profits? Well, one is priceless and one is not.

“Why do we need to expand the rules to allow for more testing,” Krazy no doubt wanted to ask? “E. coli is a natural occurring bacteria and is one of God’s ways of thinning the herd and we shouldn’t be forcing businesses to spend more money while we’re interfering with God’s plans of how to run things. If people had more faith when they blessed their food they wouldn’t get sick, like duh.”

Or maybe she could’ve said, “E. coli outbreaks are God’s ways of sending messages to Washington that they need to start listening to the people more; the government is the meat and we – the Tea Party – is like the bacteria telling it to listen to us!”

Congress passed a sweeping food safety bill at the end of last year – before the GOTP took over the House – with strong support from the Obama administration. Bachmann was – of course – among those who voted against it.

Krazy takes all these uber-conservative positions the Tea Party wraps itself around and with each one shows herself to be more fanatical and more ignorant of facts; Ron Paul says we should end FEMA, and Bachmann pushes for the curtailing of USDA and the EPA; while these agencies makes our lives better, two make them cleaner and safer and another helps us recover when the world gets turned upside down. Bachmann and Paul are not only out of touch with reality, they’re wrong.

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