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2016 vs 2012 vs 2008

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No Right Turns

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And finally there was one

According to news reports Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Presidential “never had a chance” hopeful Ron Paul has effectively ended his presidential campaign but urged his fervent supporters to continue working at the state party level to cause havoc for presumptive GOTP nominee Willard Mitt Romney.

Paul’s urging his libertarian-leaning backers to remain involved in politics and champion his causes and trumpeted how he’s delayed Willard’s expected nomination.

“Moving forward, however, we will no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted,” Paul said. “Doing so with any hope of success would take many tens of millions of dollars we simply do not have. I encourage all supporters of liberty to make sure you get to the polls and make your voices heard, particularly in the local, state and congressional elections, where so many defenders of freedom are fighting and need your support.”

Paul’s supporters have successfully won state GOTP conventions in both Maine and Nevada, and his supporters in Iowa and Nevada were chosen to lead the state central parties.

“Our campaign will continue to work in the state convention process. We will continue to take leadership positions, win delegates and carry a strong message to the Republican National Convention that liberty is the way of the future,” Paul vowed.

While Willard’s disdainfully ignored Paul, and has started campaigning against the President, Paul’s very unlikely to endorse him as there’s just too much on which they disagree and it’s very likely his followers may fall in behind Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, which could hurt Romney in November.

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No Right Turns

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It’s way past time

Watching the most recent episode of “Help, the Party’s Been Hijacked!” – more popularly known as the 2nd Florida Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Debate – brought keenly into focus that its time for at least one of the four candidates to jump out of the clown car, and no, I’m not referring to Mittens, Newton or Ricky.

It’s painful to continue watching Ron Paul’s “crazy uncle” routine week after week; he’s actually beginning – with each passing debate – to appear to be morphing into the two guys (Statler and Waldorf) who used to sit in the balcony and heckle poor hapless Fozzy Bear each week on the Muppet Show. Please Congressman, you’re embarrassing yourself. I don’t admit it hasn’t been fun (at times), but now it’s time for your nurse to take you back to your room and give you your meds.

Now, don’t get me wrong, very few people enjoy seeing the Grand Old Party implode more than me, but this is getting way past painful to watch, and it’s far past becoming a joke. At this point I’d rather watch a “Mama’s Family” marathon.

Of course, Congressman Paul’s never stood a chance of winning the nomination, most political party’s – including the GOTP – try to avoid nominating people who can’t get elected, well, there was that whole Sarah Palin thing, but why open that old wound and poor lemon juice into it? People aren’t laughing with you Dr. Paul, they’re laughing at you; seriously, you stand a better chance of being mauled by a pack of rabid dingos, a white Bengal tiger and mountain lion at the same time than winning the nomination much less being elected president. Paging Dr Paul, it’s “To Dream the Impossible Dream” Don Quixote, not “To Dream the There Ain’t No Frickin Way It’s Ever – And I Do Mean Ever – Going to Happen Rag Time Dream”.

Hopefully the people of Florida will finally make it crystal clear to you that it’s time; we’ll see; but then again they did elect Rick Scott.

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No Right Turns

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Paul condemns ‘assassinating’ al-Awlaki?

Wow, what a surprise, NBC News is reporting Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Looney Toon Ron Paul has “aggressively criticized President Obama today for al-Awlaki’s death”.

“No I don’t think that’s a good way to deal with our problems,” Paul reportedly said. “He was born here, Al-Awlaki was born here, he is an American citizen. He was never tried or charged for any crimes. No one knows if he killed anybody. We know he might have been associated with the underwear bomber. But if the American people accept this blindly and casually that we now have an accepted practice of the president assassinating people who he thinks are bad guys, I think it’s sad.

“I think what would people … have said about Timothy McVeigh? We didn’t assassinate him, who certainly he had done it. Went and put through the courts then executed him. To start assassinating American citizens without charges, we should think very seriously about this.”

OK, first, Earth to Ron, don’t be such a moron; you – as a so-called “doctor” – blithely went on and on at a recent GOTP debate that it would be OK for an American to die because of a lack of health insurance, but you’re upset when a known terrorist leader is killed without a single American casualty, and no boots on the ground. You can’t have it both ways Dr. Paul, either we send U.S. troops around the world invading countries like Yemen or we remove the murderers with drone strikes. Take your pick; or we can just hunker down with our heads in the sand like you would like.

Second, Timothy McVeigh wasn’t hiding out in a foreign country directing terror and murder; he committed the act here, and he was captured here; if Awlaki had been foolish enough to ever return to either the United States or an allied nation, we would have gladly arrested him; but he didn’t.

Third, he – Awlaki – decided to side with the enemies of the United States, and at that moment he gave up his citizenship and his rights protected thereby.

It’s time you –Dr. Paul – cared a little more about your fellow American’s healthcare, infrastructure, economy and environment and a little less about the “rights” of a two-bit thug terrorist; and while you’re at it quit wasting everyone’s time with this farce of a presidential campaign.


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Krazy says Food Industry Over Regulated?

In the typical conservative bait and switch move, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) pugilist Michele “Krazy” Bachmann is claiming regulations are overburdening American food producers, while at the same time offering zero specific rules she’d repeal either as a congresswoman or as the president. Her statement comes little more than a week after the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it was going to implement wider testing for potentially deadly E. coli in meat.

“We want to have safety,” she said. “But we also want to have common sense.”

According to the Associated Press (AP) Bachmann says a lightened regulatory load would allow employers to spend money on expansion rather than federal compliance.

And her Brain Captain was screaming, “Because the biggest thing Government should ever do is to make sure businesses can make more money!”

“That’s part of the problem, the overkill,” Krazy told reporters. “And when they make it complicated, they make it expensive and so then you can no longer stay in business.”

“So, they should just make everything really simple, and then it would cost less, and people could make more money, and the size of government would shrink, and we could get back to making sausages the way we used to with pieces of children who get caught in the grindy-upper machines after working long hours for next to no pay, and the businesses will make lots more money and we will have more delicious sausage,” her inner voice said.

The Agriculture Department said expanding testing of E. coli in meat from one strain to seven would hasten recalls of tainted products and help officials identify more food borne illnesses.

But, surprise, surprise, the meat industry opposed the move as too expensive without enough benefit.

Wow, “too expensive without enough benefit.” Really, how much is a single life worth compared to the meat industry’s profits? Well, one is priceless and one is not.

“Why do we need to expand the rules to allow for more testing,” Krazy no doubt wanted to ask? “E. coli is a natural occurring bacteria and is one of God’s ways of thinning the herd and we shouldn’t be forcing businesses to spend more money while we’re interfering with God’s plans of how to run things. If people had more faith when they blessed their food they wouldn’t get sick, like duh.”

Or maybe she could’ve said, “E. coli outbreaks are God’s ways of sending messages to Washington that they need to start listening to the people more; the government is the meat and we – the Tea Party – is like the bacteria telling it to listen to us!”

Congress passed a sweeping food safety bill at the end of last year – before the GOTP took over the House – with strong support from the Obama administration. Bachmann was – of course – among those who voted against it.

Krazy takes all these uber-conservative positions the Tea Party wraps itself around and with each one shows herself to be more fanatical and more ignorant of facts; Ron Paul says we should end FEMA, and Bachmann pushes for the curtailing of USDA and the EPA; while these agencies makes our lives better, two make them cleaner and safer and another helps us recover when the world gets turned upside down. Bachmann and Paul are not only out of touch with reality, they’re wrong.

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Privatizing Social Security – Another Good Reason not to Vote Republican in 2012

According to the Associated Press (AP) most of the current crop of Republican Tea Party (GOTP) hopefuls running for president are embracing plans to partially privatize Social Security, reviving the very contentious issue that thankfully fizzled under former President George W. Bush. If there was no other reason to oppose the election of any of the crazy eights, this would be enough – however, there’s a lack of other reasons as well; but his will do for now.

President Obama’s would-be rivals are fanatical on letting younger workers divert part of their payroll taxes into some type of personal account to be invested separately from Social Security. Key phrase “being invested” which brings us the GOTP candidate’s true motivation; lining the pockets of Wall Street contributors – who always want more, and who are willing to pay for it.

Michele “Krazy” Bachmann and Ron Paul say younger workers should be allowed to invest in alternative plans, while the Reverend Ricky Perry says that whole groups, such as state and local government workers, should be allowed opt out of Social Security altogether.

The AP is reporting that Mittens Romney says the stock market collapse in 2008 shouldn’t scare workers away from investing in private accounts, but acknowledges it’s an issue.

“Given the volatility of investment values that we have just experienced, I would prefer that individual accounts were added to Social Security, not diverted from it, and that they were voluntary,” he wrote in his book, “No Apology.”

Thankfully Progressives and Moderates alike don’t share this “privatize everything” version of the Brave New World under GOTP leadership. They say it would drain resources from the more than 50 million people who now receive benefits, and of course raising the privatization issue could likely give Democrats a potent political weapon.

“We’ll fight that fight anytime,” said Congressman Sander Levin of Michigan, the top Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees Social Security. “Bad policy is usually terrible politics, and that’s terrible politics.”

Levin is more than likely right, there is a large voting block of seniors in this country and their rolls fill with more and more voters with every presidential election; the GOTP likes to reason that business can handle everything this country needs, from its prison system to its retirement payouts; how long before some would be GOTP candidate suggests police forces and the military should be privately run as well? Wouldn’t that be great, officers and soldiers swearing an oath to some investment house instead of the Constitution?

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What the debates show us the GOTP stands for?

Watching two so-called Republican Tea Party (GOTP) debates, I finally started to figure out a lot of what these dim witted presidential wannabe candidates – and the not so bright masses following them – stand for:

They stand for ENDING SOCIAL SECURITY as we know it – The Reverend Ricky Perry has said, “[I]t is a monstrous lie. It is a Ponzi scheme to tell our kids that are 25 or 30 years old today; you’re paying into a program that’s going to be there. Anybody that’s for the status quo with Social Security today is involved with a monstrous lie to our kids, and it’s not right.

“You cannot keep the status quo in place and not call it anything other than a Ponzi scheme. It is. … [T]hat’s provocative language — maybe it’s time to have some provocative language in this country.”

Michele “Krazy” Bachmann weighed in, “… this isn’t going to work anymore. We have to be an ownership society, where individual responsibility, personal responsibility once again becomes the animating American principle. And we can’t be ashamed of that.”

They stand for ENDING HEALTHCARE to MILLIONS of AMERICANS – Jon Huntsman said, “We cannot go forward with Obamacare.”

Krazy said, “Repeal Obamacare.”

“… We have to have someone who is absolutely committed to the repeal of Obamacare and I am. I won’t rest until it’s repealed.”

“And this is why I’m running for the presidency of the United States, because 2012 is it. This is the election that’s going to decide if we have socialized medicine in this country or not. This is it.

“Why? I just have to say this. It’s because President Obama embedded $105,464,000,000 in Obamacare in post-dated checks to implement this bill. We are never going to get rid of it unless we have a president committed to getting rid of it. And if you believe that states can have it and that it’s constitutional, you’re not committed. If you’ve implemented this in your state, you’re not committed. I’m committed to repealing Obamacare.”

Herman “Pizza Man” Cain, “Repeal Obamacare in its entirety.”

Mittens Romney said, “And with regards to Massachusetts care, I’m not running for governor. I’m running for president. And if I’m president, on day one I’ll direct the secretary of Health and Human Services to grant a waiver from Obamacare to all 50 states.

“It’s a problem that’s bad law, it’s not constitutional. I’ll get rid of it.”

They stand for MAKING THE RICH RICHER (at everyone else’s expense) – Ricky Santorum said, “My plan takes the corporate tax, which is 35 percent, cuts it to zero, and says, if you manufacture in America, you aren’t going to pay any taxes.”

Jon Huntsman said, “On the corporate side, I think we recognize the reality that a whole lot of companies can afford to have lobbyists and lawyers on Capitol Hill working their magic. Let’s recognize the reality that they’re all paying 35 percent. We need to lower that to 25 percent. So let’s phase out the corporate subsidies and clean out the cobwebs and leave it more competitive for the 21st century.”

On the idea of a fair tax, basically a national sales tax, Mittens said, “Yeah. Yeah. The — the idea of a national sales tax or a consumption tax has a lot to go for it. One, it would make us more competitive globally, as we send products around the world, because under the provisions of the World Trade Organization, you can reimburse that to an exporter. We can’t reimburse our taxes right now. It also would level the playing field in the country, making sure everybody is paying some part of their fair share.

“And so my plan is to take the middle class individuals and dramatically reduce their taxes by the following measure. And that is for middle income Americans, no tax on interest, dividends or capital gains. Let people save their money as the way they think is best for them, for their kids, for their future, for their retirement. We’re taxing too much, we’re spending too much and middle income Americans need a break and I’ll give it to them.”

There’s just one big problem with Mitten’s idea, a flat national sales tax is lopsided sharply against the middle class and especially the poor. Everyone doesn’t pay their fair share, the rich don’t even come close. It’s a greedy tax being pushed by a greedy group of politicians. Oh, and by-the-by how many middle class Americans pay a lot of tax on interest, dividends and capital gains? That’s all designed to help the wealthiest among us not the middle class.

They (Tea Party Members) stand for DEATH – during the debate last week the loudest cheers of the night came as the moderator brought up the total number of people (234 was the number given) executed under Reverend Ricky Perry’s regime in Texas. And last night people began cheering when Wolf Blitzer asked, “What do you tell a guy who is sick, goes into a coma and doesn’t have health insurance? Who pays for his coverage? Are you saying society should just let him die?”

“Yeah!” several members of the crowd yelled out.

If nothing else demonstrates the reality of the Tea Party being the great unwashed mass, nothing will. They are a blood thirsty group who want people who – in their view – are not productive to die or to be killed. Hey if that fella got cancer, or slipped into a coma and had no health insurance, well, he had better die and decrease the surplus population.

They are for CUTTING EDUCATION and CUTTING PROTECTIONS – Congressman Ron Paul said to loud applause, “What we need to do is cut the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, and all these departments, and get rid of them.”

They stand for RACISM – during the CNN/Tea Party debate last night, Ricky Santorum said, “Well, I mean, what Governor Perry’s done is he provided in-state tuition for — for illegal immigrants. Maybe that was an attempt to attract the illegal vote — I mean the Latino voters.”

Yeah because basically they’re one and the same? Are you kidding me?

Ricky continued, “But you track Latino voters by talking about the importance of immigration in this country. You talk about the importance of — as — as Newt has talked about for many years, having English as the — as the official language of this country.”

He’s basically talking about the little brown people out there, you know, the ones who didn’t come through Ellis Island, the kind who lived in the southwest before we conquered it. The one’s who the GOTP wants to sweep up in a net and deport, or just lock away in prisons; after all they are here illegally.

And of course, not to be out done, “Krazy” chimed in, “And I think that the American way is not to give taxpayer subsidized benefits to people who have broken our laws or who are here in the United States illegally. That is not the American way. Because the immigration system in the United States worked very, very well up until the mid-1960s when liberal members of Congress changed the immigration laws.

“What works is to have people come into the United States with a little bit of money in their pocket legally with sponsors so that if anything happens to them, they don’t fall back on the taxpayers to take care of them. And then they also have to agree to learn the speak the English language, learn American history and our constitution. That’s the American way.”

Yep, the good old white uber-conservative American way. Perhaps Bachmann should learn American history before she expects immigrants to do so; where’s Lexington and Concord Congresswoman?

As Ron Paul tried to explain (correctly) why the United States was attacked on 9-11 he said, “This whole idea that the whole Muslim world is responsible for this, and they’re attacking us because we’re free and prosperous, that is just not true.

“Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda have been explicit — they have been explicit, and they wrote and said that we attacked America because you had bases on our holy land in Saudi Arabia, you do not give Palestinians fair treatment, and you have been bombing …”

The Tea Party crowd showed its collective ignorance when it started booing …and that’s the crux of the issue right now, the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan has become the Republican Tea Party of today, and in a political world where perception is reality, the reality is the GOTP is full of hate, anger and malice. They don’t care about anyone but wealthy white Christian America. The perception is the Tea Party wants to take America back to a time when whites ruled and no one else did; they want the poor to serve them, and the sick and the elderly to hurry up and die already. They are not the party of Ronald Reagan.

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