Fear not 99%, Mitt knows how you feel?

28 Oct

Not to be out done by the Pizza Man, Mittens Romney has also chimed in on the “Occupy” protests, telling a small crowd at a retirement community in Florida, he was unsympathetic of the Occupy Wall Street movement. “I think it’s dangerous, this class warfare,” he said. Romney declined to comment further when asked about the protests by ABC. His response? “I’m just trying to get myself to occupy the White House.”

Yep, that’s it in a nut shell; all Mittens cares about is occupying the White House – god luck with that Mittens; you hold on to that happy thought – that and some fairy dust and one day you’ll fly!

Of course later Romney had to walk back his comments. “I worry about the 99 percent in America,” he said, later adding, “I understand how those people feel.”

Please Mitt, you don’t have a fricken blue clue how these people feel; the only time you went hungry was when the maid was off and you had no one to fix lunch for yourself, and couldn’t work the microwave – that was a hard day now wasn’t it?

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