Occupy protests aren’t spontaneous?

28 Oct

Michele “Krazy” Bachmann weighed in on the Occupy Wall Street movement after having gone by one of the protests in Washington D.C. a couple days before. Appearing on CNN, she suggested the demonstrators should be targeting the president, not Wall Street.

“I don’t know how spontaneous these protests were, but it seems to be that their anger should be directed at the White House. Because Barack Obama’s policies have put us in one of the worst tailspins, economically, that we have,” Bachmann said. “And maybe that’s why the protest that I saw was within shouting distance of the White House.”

Well, actually Krazy it’s been the policies of you and your fellow do-nothings in the GOTP House and Senate who’ve blocked basically everything the President’s attempted to do. So, you’re half right – the protestors shouldn’t be directing all of their angst at Wall Street, and good portion of it ought to be directed towards Congress, particularly towards the GOTP side of the aisle.

Speaking later San Francisco, Krazy let it out that she wasn’t happy with the protestors hygiene; “At least the Tea Party picks up their own trash.”

How very insightful Michele – in a 1950s domesticated, subservient, housewivey sort of way.

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