Johnson Ends GOTP Candidacy to Run For President in the Libertarian Party?

21 Dec

Huffington Post’s reporting Republican Tea Party (GOTP) never a presidential candidate Gary Johnson, is dropping his GOTP campaign to run for the Libertarian Party nomination.

Johnson plans to announce his candidacy for the Libertarian nomination next week, spokesman Joe Hunter said Tuesday night.

“He is representing a viewpoint and a viewpoint that needs to be heard and he’s going to do whatever it takes to get that done,” Hunter told The Associated Press.

Johnson’s a fiscal conservative who supports such liberal causes as legalizing marijuana and abortion rights; he served two terms as New Mexico’s governor, and has basically been absent in any polls. Excluded from all but two of the GOP presidential debates, he’s reportedly grown frustrated that he hasn’t earned more attention, Hunter said.

Considering how badly he sucked in the two debate appearances, is either Johnson or Hunter really surprised he’s garnered zero support outside of New Mexico?

Republican presidential contender Ron Paul, who was the Libertarian candidate for president in 1988, was supportive of Johnson’s decision.

“I think competitiveness is good. And somebody to have ideas that are libertarian, I think that is good,” Paul told the AP following a New Hampshire campaign stop Tuesday night. “But I’ve been through it. There’s a lot of frustrations. … Just getting on ballots – it’s a tough job. But some good will come of it.”

In a recent PPP (D) poll, conducted 10 – 12 Dec 11 of likely New Mexico voters the results showed a split among conservative voters with President Obama garnering 44%, Mittens Romney 27% and Johnson 23%, giving the President a huge victory in what has become a swing state.


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