Tea Party Candidate, Calls for Assassination of Obama, First Daughters?

21 Dec

The Huffington Post’s reporting Jules Manson, a failed Tea Party candidate for local office in California, has called for the assassination of President Obama and his family.

In his post Manson referred to the president as a “monkey.” Then it got much worse.

“Assassinate the f—– n—– and his monkey children,” Manson commented on his own post, according to a screen shot uploaded by Facebook group “Americans Against the Tea Party” and relayed by Your Black Politics blog.

The post has since been scrubbed from his Facebook profile, replaced with an explanation that the comments were “careless, emotionally driven remarks that had no real substance.”

Manson, an avid Ron Paul supporter and libertarian, also writes that he’s since been visited by the Secret Service, with whom he says he cooperated fully as he “was hiding nothing.”

According to the New York Daily News, Manson, who lost his 2011 bid for a City Council seat in Carson, Calif. with only 4 percent of the vote, has also posted pictures of Obama dressed as Hitler from his Facebook account.

The Daily News reported it was unable to reach Manson at the phone number listed for his residence in a Carson trailer park. Really, a trailer park? Wow, that’s type casting; yes sir, Manson’s just one more member of the Tea Party demonstrating how “non-racist” the organization is.

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One response to “Tea Party Candidate, Calls for Assassination of Obama, First Daughters?

  1. Jules Manson

    March 15, 2012 at 23:24

    You didn’t add a Hitler mustache to my image. Please notify me when you do so I can share it to my facebook. Regardless, nice “original” reporting. Rewriting second hand news is often riddled with errors, fallacies, or conjecture. I know its an old story now but if you had first contacted me I would have happily given you an interview and given you the real facts of the story,

    The best email to use is


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