Is Newton going rogue in 2012 election?

01 Feb

Is it possible the time is fast approaching when the Tea Party is going to actually jump ship and splinter the Republican Party?

It appears Newton Leroy Gingrich gave a veiled threat of such a possibility in his “concession” speech after being absolutely pummeled by Willard Mittens Romney in Florida (Newt lost by 14 points). During the speech there appeared to be, what the Huffington Post is reporting as “strains of what could be an independent, third-party run for the White House if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination”.

Newton’s beginning to sound more and more like a B-movie villain monologuing on how he’s henceforth not running a “Republican campaign but a people’s campaign” – and raising, according to Huffington, “the specter, at least rhetorically, that his vision of his role in American history is too large and personal to be contained by a mere political party”. If really wants to pull this off though he needs to buy a really ugly hairless Sphinx cat and call it Mr. Bigglesworth. Wearing the silver jump suit is of course optional.

But can Dr Strangepuff really pull off a third party victory? Well, let me think … (try to stop laughing hysterically … wipe tears from eyes …) no. If Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t do it this overinflated egotistical caricature of a human being certainly won’t be able to; what he will do is siphon off the uber-conservative cracker vote from Mittens, and propel President Obama to the largest landslide victory since Reagan.

To his crowd of ardent followers Newt pledged in an allusion to the Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence, “If I become your president, I pledge to you my life, my fortune and my sacred honor.”

Any candidate should know better than to pledge things they either have no intention of giving or lack; Newton has no intention of ever putting his life on the line, this is all about claiming a foot note in history next to Teddy and Ross Perot; he’s also certainly not going to part with his fortune; lastly, it’s a pie crust promise to pledge honor when you possess none.

There’s a very strong chance Gingrich will run as an independent because he has to leave the 2012 stage as something more than the right-wing nut job buffoon who got his clock cleaned by the likes of Romney, and it’s much better to go down as the independent candidate in the general election than the second banana in the GOTP primary, especially if you drag Mittens down with you. Yes, he’s that mean, and that egotistical.

Oh, you should probably be prepared for more allusions of Newt being today’s William Wallace, George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

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