Is Romney lying or just ignorant?

10 Feb

Willard Mittens Romney recently said during a campaign appearance, “We are the only people on the earth that put our hand over our heart during the playing of the national anthem. It was FDR who asked us to do that, in honor of the blood that was being shed by our sons and daughters in far-off places.”

Is Mittens really that woefully stupid on foreign policy that he really doesn’t know better – Mister “I single handedly saved the Salt Lake Winter Olympics”? Did he bother to attend any medal ceremonies? Or did you only attend the ones when Americans took first?

Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel proves Romney’s statement is wrong:

Here’s a few more examples as well:











South Africa


Clearly Mittens was pandering to the far right uber-patriots by making America better than everyone else; it’s the typical conservative rhetoric; and as I said above, he either lied when he said it; or he’s a moron when it comes to knowing anything about other countries.

What’s next, America’s exceptional because we’re the only country that drinks milk?

Liar or ignoramus? Either way, it’s not very presidential; we did the liar route with Nixon, and the woefully ignorant route with W. We don’t need a repeat of either.

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