Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 10 Feb 12 (pre-Maine Caucus Conclusion) Edition

10 Feb

The current regular season records for the remaining four GOTP candidates are Santorum 4, Romney 3, Gingrich 1 and Paul 0; CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Santorum pulled the trifecta – the hat-trick! He swept all three on Tuesday!

Ricky pulled the surprise upset in the Colorado Non-binding Caucus with 40.2% of the vote and 13 delegates; Romney got 34.9% of the vote picking up 6; Gingrich got 12.8% and picked up 2 delegates, while Paul polled 11.8% and won a whopping 1 delegate.

Ricky also dominated in the Minnesota Non-binding Caucus where he buried Mittens with 45% and 13 delegates. Romney actually placed third behind Ron Paul; Paul garnered 27.1% of the vote and 4 delegates; Mittens won 2 whole delegates with an astounding 16.9% of the vote; placing a dismal last was Newton Leroy who took 10.8% of the vote for 1delegate.

In Missouri’s Primary – which awarded no delegates; those will be decided later with caucuses – Rick surged to victory (sending the opposition packing) with 55.2% of the vote; Romney25.3% and Paul came in third with 12.2%. Gingrich – the dimwitted former Speaker – managed not to be on the Missouri ballot.

Maine’s – week long – Non-binding Caucus with 24 Delegates concludes tomorrow and the last PPP (D) poll of registered voters conducted way back in October is likely to be a lot closer – especially where Santorum’s concerned, charging hard from behind Romney.

Michigan’s Hybrid Primary with 30 Delegates – 28 Feb 12; last Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters conducted 01 Feb 12: Romney 38; Gingrich 23; Santorum 17 and Paul 14 with 8% undecided.

Arizona Winner Take All Primary with 29 delegates – 28 Feb 12; last Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters conducted 01 Feb 12: Romney 48; Gingrich 24; Santorum 13 and Paul 6 with 9% undecided.

Super Tuesday (6 Mar 12)

Georgia Proportional Primary with 76 delegates; SurveyUSA poll of likely voters conducted 01 – 02 Feb 12: Gingrich 45; Romney 32; Santorum 9 and Paul 8 with 6% undecided.

Ohio Proportional Primary with 66 delegates; PPP (D) poll of registered voters conducted 28 – 29 Jan 12: Gingrich 26; Romney 25; Santorum 22 and Paul 11 with 16% undecided.

Virginia Hybrid Primary (Where the FIX is in and only Romney’s on the ballot) with 49 delegates; Quinnipiac poll of registered voters conducted 13 – 19 Dec 11: Gingrich 30; Romney 25; Paul 9 and Santorum 3 with 33% undecided.

Oklahoma Proportional Primary with 43 delegates; Sooner Poll of registered voters conducted 17 Nov – 16 Dec 11: Gingrich 33; Romney 14; Paul 4 and Santorum 2 with 47% undecided.

Massachusetts Proportional Primary with 41 delegates; PPP (D) poll of registered voters conducted 16 – 18 Sep 11: Romney 50; Gingrich and Paul 5 and Santorum 1 with 44% undecided

Vermont Hybrid Primary with 17 delegates; PPP (D) poll of registered voters conducted 28 – 31 Jul 11: Romney 26; Paul 7 and Gingrich 6 with 61% undecided

The Current GOTP Delegate Count is: Romney 90; Santorum 44; Gingrich 32 and Paul 13. An interesting thought is if Gingrich and Paul were to step out and throw their delegates to Santorum, there’d be a real contest; but the same could be said if Santorum did the same for Newt; Paul is inconsequential as he’s not a serious contender – meaning he has a better chance of contracting small pox than of winning the GOTP nomination, and frankly Newt’s heading that way now too.

The current GOTP Popular Vote Count is:

Romney 1,119,283

Gingrich 838,344

Santorum 430,753

Paul 305,797

Nationally the GOTP Nomination according to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll of registered voters conducted 06 Feb 12: Romney 34; Gingrich 27; Santorum 18 and Paul 11 with 10% undecided.

So, how does each of the Four Horseman of the GOPocalypse stack up against the President? The latest Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters conducted 07 – 09 Feb 12, if the general election were held today:

President Obama 50/Romney 40

FOX News poll of registered voters conducted 06 – 09 Feb 12:

President Obama 51/Gingrich 38

President Obama 50/Santorum 38

President Obama 48/Paul 38

If the GOTP clown car had finally stopped spinning, and the general election was held today, Willard Mittens Romney would be the GOTP nominee, and he’d lose to President Obama in the general election.

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One response to “Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 10 Feb 12 (pre-Maine Caucus Conclusion) Edition

  1. judah martins

    February 10, 2012 at 17:48

    while i do not want to see romney because as new york conservative i have seen to many rockefeller republicans and other liberal repubs in the northeast. romney is another. gingrich is simply a self-indulgent opportunities. ask his wives, freddie mac, or look at his waist.

    that leave santorum and paul.

    santorum is young, conservative but seems to lack seasoning, lustre and the ability to win office in his home state- as well as toeing the neo-con line on international affairs as well as homeland civil liberty erosion.

    that leaves me with austrian economics guru who predicted the bubble in the housing market and toxic debt before the pop. he predicted the erosion of civil liberties. he has engendered hope in young americans by scores- that still surprises me.

    i will pick paul…hoping he wins maine and builds the conservative libertarian voice in the republican party. the party can not win the white house without us.


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