Mitt Romney wins Maine Caucus – Barely – or has he?

13 Feb

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential bride’s maid Willard Mittens Romney barely – and I do mean barely – won Maine’s GOTP presidential caucuses giving his lagging campaign a very small – as in miniscule – but much-needed boost after losing three straight to Rick Santorum.

Mittens claimed the slim victory with 2,190 votes, or 39 percent, compared to 1,996 – about 36 percent – for Ron Paul, Rick Santorum received 989 votes and Newt Gingrich won 349.

But the “so what” of this victory only proves Mittens can eke out a victory in New England; so what he was the governor of Massachusetts after all. Which begs the question, how does Romney only manage 39 percent four years after he pummeled McCain in 2008 with a 51 percent of the vote victory?

Clearly there is a chink in Romney’s armor, and his rather presumptive claim to be the GOTP’s choice to face President Obama in the fall; fully 61 percent of Maine voters selected anyone but Mittens in a state a mere 20 + miles from his back yard; if can only barely win here, how is he supposed to beat the incumbent president? If he can’t get his own party to like him, how on earth is he ever going to convince the majority of independent voters essential for a Romney victory in November?

But what if Mittens hasn’t won in Maine where the caucuses began 4 Feb 12 and continued throughout the week, and where several communities elected to hold their caucuses at a later date due to severe weather Saturday?

Caucuses in Washington County, where the caucuses were postponed until 18 Feb 12 because of the weather had been told earlier by the GOTP Executive Director Michael Quatrano that county officials had been told the results of that caucus would not count toward the total.

Excuse me, but how do you figure?

I guess voter disenfranchisement is now the standard for the Romney campaign and the “hired guns” in high places in the various states, states like Virginia where Mittens is the only candidate allowed to appear on the ballot; it doesn’t show leadership when you claim a victory by a mere three percentage points when all of the votes haven’t been counted, and when the remaining votes are being thrown out. True democracy in action; yes sir, true democracy.

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