Mittens fights from behind to tie?

29 Feb

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) bride’s maid Willard Mittens Romney won Arizona, and Michigan – or did he? It seems that while he won the popular vote in Michigan’s primary, Mittens will have to split his home state’s convention delegates with second-place finisher Rick Santorum; they each won 15 of the state’s 30 delegates.

And since they’re splitting the delegates, Santorum’s now trying to say it’s a victory; but wait, it gets better, Mittens outspent Santorum more than 2 to 1 in his home state, $4.27 million to $2.3 million and the best he could do was tie! So, let me get this straight, Romney outspent Santorum by almost 2 to 1, in his home state, and the best he could do was tie? Wow, can you feel the love for this guy or what?

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