Scarborough says Romney’s a liar?

06 Mar

According to news reports, conservative commentator – and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough went on the offensive against Republican Tea party (GOTP) president bride’s maid Willard Mitt Romney over his apparent support for a national individual mandate for health care on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe,” referring to an op-ed written by Willard.

Romney is being attacked for his 2009 USA Today op-ed wherein he suggested President Obama should look to Massachusetts, and adopt an individual mandate as part of national health care reform.

During his show “Morning Joe”, Scarborough replayed a clip of Romney insisting he never supported implementing Massachusetts’ health care reform plan nationally. After viewing the clip he bluntly said Willard “lied” about his stance on an individual mandate.

“What does it say about a candidate, though, who wrote an op-ed in 2009 saying that, please apply what we did in Massachusetts nationally on an individual mandate, and then goes on the campaign trail yesterday and just lies?” Scarborough said. “He lied yesterday. It’s on videotape. What does that — what are conservatives to think about that?”

“What does it say about a candidate who, faced with an op-ed that he wrote a few years ago, goes in front of people, and tells them something that he knows is not true, that the press knows is not true, and that the people in the audience knows is not true?” he asked.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski joined the attack, “Not only did he lie, but his people — they seem to be constantly letting him down, they shouldn’t have let him do it,” she said. “And then, take it to the next level, does he think people are stupid? Because that’s insulting.”

Willard’s a serial liar, it’s just who he is. He lied to the cadets at the Citadel; he lied about his Fannie and Freddie investments; he lied about requiring Massachusetts’ non-profit hospitals to provide emergency contraception; Mittens is a liar.

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