Romney’s six home plague

17 Mar

With news breaking that Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful Willard Mitt Romney wants to once again expand one of his six (yes I said six) homes; reportedly an already very expensive sea-view spot in La Jolla, California, GOTP voters, pundits, fellow candidates and opponents are reminded of a supposedly “apocryphal” tale from the 2008 presidential campaign involving Romney’s multiple homes.

The story goes, when John McCain was looking for his VP pick, allegedly Romney was on the short list of his possible vice presidential running mates. But during the very week they were considering him, McCain created a headache for his campaign by blithely asserting in a press interview that he didn’t know how many homes he and his wife owned. It turned out that the correct number was eight. So, here was the GOTP presidential nominee with eight homes and one of the leading VP picks with six – yeah creates a bit of a wealth gap.

The “I’m too rich for the rest of you” image continues to plague Romney and he doesn’t seem to care, throwing out seemingly endless quips and dropping names as though no one would notice. When asked by FOX PAC anchor Megyn Kelly about the problem with appearing too wealthy. His answer: “Guess what? I made a lot of money.”

Romney’s personal real estate includes six homes: one in La Jolla, two in the Boston area, a ski lodge in Utah and two lakeside residences in New Hampshire.

But Willard doesn’t get it; the majority of the country doesn’t own a home, much less six, and many who do are struggling to keep their homes. The “Guess what? I made a lot of money” resounds of “let them eat cake”; and it’s bound to continue to haunt, if not to outright bite Romney.

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One response to “Romney’s six home plague

  1. fatherkane

    March 17, 2012 at 08:58

    Thanks for the post. I’d forgotten that McCain couldn’t remember how many homes he owned. I think we all like a candidate that can ‘feel our pain’ or at least make a good show of it. Not knowing or having 8 homes? THAT’S someone who not only can’t ‘feel’ my pain but also has no idea of me or how I live.


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