Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – (pre-Missouri Caucus) 16 Mar 12 Edition

16 Mar

Willard Mitt Romney got his lunch handed to him this week in the deep south where clearly Republican Tea Party (GOTP) voters didn’t buy his “How y’all doin?” nonsense. Romney came in third in both Alabama and Mississippi, falling in behind Santorum and Gingrich, but he won Hawaii and American Samoa.

In Alabama’s Proportional Primary Rick Santorum took first (19 delegates); Leroy Newt Gingrich took second (12 delegates) Romney limped into third (11 delegates) and Ron Paul came in his traditional last place (0 delegates).

In American Samoa’s Proportional Caucus Romney took first in the strong Mormon island winning all 9 delegates.

In Hawaii’s Proportional Caucus Romney again took first (9 delegates) Santorum took second (5 delegates) Paul took third (3 delegates) and came in dead last (0 delegates).

In Mississippi’s Proportional Primary Santorum took first (13 delegates) Gingrich was second (12 delegates) and Romney came in third with fewer votes (12 delegates) and Paul was again last (0 delegates).

Next up is Missouri’s Non-Binding Caucus – 17 Mar 12 (52 delegates): PPP (D) poll of registered voters conducted 27 – 29 Jan 12; Gingrich 30; Santorum 28; Romney 24 and Paul 11.

Puerto Rico’s Winner Take All Primary – 18 Mar 12 (23 delegates): no polling data available

In Illinois’ Direct Election Primary – 20 Mar 12 (69 delegates): Chicago Tribune poll of registered voters conducted 7 – 9 Mar 12; Romney 35; Santorum 31; Gingrich 12 and Paul 7.

In Louisiana’s Proportional Primary – 24 mar 12 (46 delegates): GCR/WWL-TVh poll of likely voters conducted 8 – 10 Mar 12; Santorum 25; Romney 21; Gingrich 20 and Paul 6.

The regular season records for the dauntless candidates: Romney 19; Santorum 9; Gingrich 2 and Paul 0 with Maine still unbelievably yet to be determined.

The GOTP Delegate Count to date is: Romney 496; Santorum 236; Gingrich 141 and Paul 66.

The current GOTP Popular Vote Count is:

Romney 3,477,020

Santorum 2,286,339

Gingrich 2,106,200

Paul 949,914

Nationally the GOTP Nomination according to the latest Gallup Tracking poll of registered voters conducted 10 – 14 Mar 12: Romney 35; Santorum 27; Gingrich 15 and Paul 10 with 13% undecided.

So, how does each of the Four Horseman of the GOPocalypse stack up against the President? The latest FOX News poll of registered voters conducted 10 – 12 Mar 12; if the general election were held today:

President Obama 46/Romney 42

President Obama 51/Santorum 39

President Obama 53/Gingrich 35

President Obama 50/Paul 38

If the GOTP clown car had finally stopped spinning, and the general election was held today, Willard Mitt Romney would be the GOTP nominee, and he’d lose to President Obama in the general election.

Current electoral college totals based on current poll numbers:

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