Harvard grad Romney says the President spent too much time there?

05 Apr

According to news reports Republican Tea Party (GOTP) “presumptive” presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney is accusing President Obama of having spent “too much time at Harvard“.

It’s pretty funny considering Willard’s also a fellow Harvard graduate, and actually spent more time there than the President.

But hey class, let’s look at the facts; according to records, Willard enrolled in a four-year program at Harvard in 1971, eventually earning a joint JD and MBA and graduating cum laude – Latin meaning “with honor” – in 1975. President Obama began attending Harvard Law School in 1988, where he spent three years, eventually becoming president of the Harvard Law Review before graduating magna cum laude – Latin meaning “with great honor” – and receiving his JD in 1991. The President graduated with higher honors than Willard, and did it in less time; of course Willard earned an MBA with that additional year, but clearly math wasn’t part of his business degree, since four is greater than three.

It’s funny how Willard’s repeatedly trying to paint the President as an ivory tower elitist, first as though that’s a bad thing, and second when he’s one, and spent more time there than the President.

Was he for an ivy league education before he was against it? It’s OK for some, but not for others?

Just one more oops moment for the Romney campaign; someone on Willard’s staff really should be checking these kind of facts before allowing the candidate to repeatedly look like a moron – just saying.

And while we’re on this topic, there’s a big difference between a young black man from a lower middle class single parent family working his way to Harvard, and the rich white kid who has it handed to him; so, I’m sorry, who’s the “elitist” Willard?

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