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It’s not about ‘winning or losing’?

According to the Associated Press (AP), on the eve of the biggest political debate of his life, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential nominee Willard Mitt Romney’s saying the presidential debate won’t be about “winning or losing” but instead it will be a chance for the candidates to describe the “pathway” on which they’d like to take the country. Followed of course by voters deciding who won and lost, who’ll get their votes and who’ll be sitting at home come January.

“People want to know who’s going to win, who’s going to score the punches, and who’s going to make the biggest difference in the arguments they make,” Willard mewed to supporters. “There’s going to be all the scoring of winning and losing and, you know, in my view, it’s not so much winning and losing or even the people themselves, the president and myself, it’s about something bigger than that.”

“These debates are an opportunity for each of us to describe the pathway forward for America that we would choose and the American people are going to have to make their choice as to what kind of America they’d want.”

So, Willard’s afraid he’s going to get his clock cleaned in the debate and he’s essentially trying to lower expectations before hand; he’s sounding like the last place high school football coach going up against the first place team, “Just remember men, it’s not about who wins or loses, it’s how you play the game.”

Interestingly enough, Willard’s words are clashing with those of his own staff and the plethora of conservative pundits who’re counting on the debates to rescue Romney’s sinking campaign.

Romney’s spent countless hours prepping for the big moment, and has reportedly been practicing “zinger” delivery, hoping for a Reaganesque, “there you go again moment”, problem being however, he’s not Ronald Reagan and the President Obama isn’t Jimmy Carter.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if Willard Romney thinks the debates are about winning or losing, it’s about what the American people think; if Romney fails to win a decisive victory in tonight’s debate it’ll become virtually impossible – if it isn’t already – for him to win come November. This debate, for Romney, is absolutely about winning or losing, this is where he has the chance to resuscitate a dying campaign, and if he can’t you might as well attach the toe tag.

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No Right Turns

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Romney Says Students Should Get ‘As Much Education As They Can Afford’?

According to news reports, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential wanna-be Willard Mitt Romney has given some advice to future students while campaigning in Virginia.

“I think this is a land of opportunity for every single person, every single citizen of this great nation. And I want to make sure that we keep America a place of opportunity, where everyone has a fair shot. They get as much education as they can afford and with their time they’re able to get and if they have a willingness to work hard and the right values, they ought to be able to provide for their family and have a shot of realizing their dreams.”

The statement, “get as much education as they can afford” is no big shock coming from a rich kid whose biggest financial challenge while going to college was having to divest some of his stock portfolio while roughing it in a 3,000 + SF apartment. Willard’s other sage advice to students has been to “take risks” and even borrow money from their parents to fuel success.

This appears to be just another, “Let them eat cake” moment for the struggling GOTP candidate, who’s had a dismal time showing he’s in touch with middle and lower class Americans. “Get as much education as they can afford” smacks of elitism and begs the question, “So, only rich kids should go to college”? Maybe only rich kids who keep their hair cut short?

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Welcome to the United States of Amercia?

I was born here, raised my family here, taught in its schools and served in its military; only to find out we’ve all been misspelling its name?

And we all have the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney to thank for pointing this out to us; it seems Willard’s actually running for President of the United States of “Amercia.”

In what can only be described as a major political faux paw of epic embarrassing proportions, Willard’s campaign misspelled the word “America” on its new “With Mitt” iPhone app.

The app has a transparent skin allowing users to take a photograph and superimpose the slogan “A better Amercia” on the image.

According to the Associated Press (AP) the twitter world’s full of comments on the mistake, “Whew, I hear Mitt’s updating that misspelled Amercia on his app. He’s just going with Untied States now,” read one tweet.

“Does Mitt Romney believe that Obama was born in Keyna,” another tweeter jabbed.

The “A better Amercia” skin is just one of 14 on the user-friendly app. Most of them include the phrase “I’m With Mitt” at the bottom.

“We thought this would be a fun, easy way to showcase support,” Romney’s digital director Zac Moffatt told when asked about the launch of the app.

Congrats Zac, people are definitely having fun with this app; two words, “spell check”.


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Harvard grad Romney says the President spent too much time there?

According to news reports Republican Tea Party (GOTP) “presumptive” presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney is accusing President Obama of having spent “too much time at Harvard“.

It’s pretty funny considering Willard’s also a fellow Harvard graduate, and actually spent more time there than the President.

But hey class, let’s look at the facts; according to records, Willard enrolled in a four-year program at Harvard in 1971, eventually earning a joint JD and MBA and graduating cum laude – Latin meaning “with honor” – in 1975. President Obama began attending Harvard Law School in 1988, where he spent three years, eventually becoming president of the Harvard Law Review before graduating magna cum laude – Latin meaning “with great honor” – and receiving his JD in 1991. The President graduated with higher honors than Willard, and did it in less time; of course Willard earned an MBA with that additional year, but clearly math wasn’t part of his business degree, since four is greater than three.

It’s funny how Willard’s repeatedly trying to paint the President as an ivory tower elitist, first as though that’s a bad thing, and second when he’s one, and spent more time there than the President.

Was he for an ivy league education before he was against it? It’s OK for some, but not for others?

Just one more oops moment for the Romney campaign; someone on Willard’s staff really should be checking these kind of facts before allowing the candidate to repeatedly look like a moron – just saying.

And while we’re on this topic, there’s a big difference between a young black man from a lower middle class single parent family working his way to Harvard, and the rich white kid who has it handed to him; so, I’m sorry, who’s the “elitist” Willard?

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