Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 27 April 12 Edition

27 Apr

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful Willard Mitt Romney prevailed in all five primaries held on Tuesday – no duh. Who were his opponents, a disgraced former House Speaker and a crazy Congressman from Texas? And even though he’s running against two virtually non-existing candidates Willard still hasn’t managed to capture the magic 1,144 delegates needed to be the winner; so, he remains the “presumptive” winner.

The biggest news to come from Tuesday’s primaries is that Newton Leroy Gingrich will announce he’s dropping out of the race early next week – of course he hasn’t been in the race since his “colony on the moon” moment.

The regular season primary wins to date: Romney 26; Gingrich 2; Ron “What’s His Name” 0 and anyone but Romney 10.

The GOTP Delegate Count (1,144 needed to win) to date is: Romney 838; other than Romney 267; Gingrich 141 and Paul 88.

The current GOTP Popular Vote Count is:

Romney 5,221,445

Other than Romney 3,376,375

Gingrich 2,402,960

Paul 1,335,024

Although Willard’s the presumptive nominee, it’ still a big fat hairy fact – as it has been all through the primaries – there’ve been more votes cast for anyone but Romney than for Romney:

Anyone but Romney 7,114,359 (58%)

Romney 5,221,445 (42%)

That’s right sports fans; Willard’s only managing 42% of his own party’s vote to date; the President must be truly terrified by the amount of support Romney’s garnering.

So, how does the “presumptive” GOTP candidate stand up against the President?

The most recent “viable” polls (which are neither FOX News nor Rasmussen) the Gallup Tracking poll of registered voters conducted 21-26 Apr 12; if the general election were held today:

President Obama 50/Romney 43

According to the National Journal poll of voters conducted 19-22 Apr 12; if the general election were held today:

President Obama 47/Romney 39

If the general election was held today, Willard Mitt Romney would be the GOTP nominee, and he’d lose to President Obama in the general election.

How big would Willard lose? Well, if the General Election were held today, the Electoral College totals based on all available current poll numbers:

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