Libya attack never would’ve happened under Romney?

15 Sep

An alleged aid to Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential footnote Willard Mitt Romney’s claiming the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya would never have happened if Romney were president, and there also wouldn’t have been anti-American protests in the Middle East if Romney were in charge.

“There’s a pretty compelling story that if you had a President Romney, you’d be in a different situation,” Romney “toady” Richard Williamson told the Washington Post. “For the first time since Jimmy Carter, we’ve had an American ambassador assassinated.”

Reportedly, Williamson blamed the recent attacks on President Obama’s handling of the region, proclaiming the Muslim world would never have done anything like this because it would have held the hypothetical Romney administration of 2008-2012 in much greater esteem, which would have prevented violent protests over an anti-Muslim film like the one that led to Stevens’s death.

“In Egypt and Libya and Yemen, again demonstrations — the respect for America has gone down, there’s not a sense of American resolve and we can’t even protect sovereign American property,” he said.

So, let me get this straight, under conservative Republicans this sort of thing wouldn’t happen because Republican Presidents have so much more resolve than Democratic ones? Ah, then that would explain the death of the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Francis E. Meloy Jr. who was kidnapped by a Palestinian separatist group and shot along with U.S. economic counselor Robert O. Waring as both diplomats headed to present their credentials to the new Lebanese president in 1976 – during the term of Republican President Gerald Ford.

And how did that famous resolve not prevent the death of U.S. ambassador to Cyprus under the Ford administration, Rodger P. Davies who was killed by sniper fire during a demonstration against American policy by Greek Cypriots at the embassy in Nicosia on Aug. 19, 1974?

And if this “resolve” was so respected and feared how did it fail to thwart the death of the U.S. ambassador to Sudan for the Nixon administration, Cleo A. Noel, Jr., who was killed in 1973 after members of a faction of the PLO, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, specifically called ‘Black September,’ stormed the Saudi embassy in Khartoum during a party for Noel’s outgoing deputy.

And if the Arab world’s kept in check by this so-called Republican “resolve” then what in the name of Richard Millhouse Nixon happened on the morning of September 11, 2001?

Williamson’s a career crony who last served as an official under – I’ll give you three guesses but you won’t need the first two – President George W. Bush. Of course this political hack also failed to mention the numerous deadly attacks on diplomatic compounds in countries like Pakistan, Yemen and Syria which the famous republican resolve also unsuccessfully stopped during the eight disastrous years of the Bush administration.

The President’s campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt condemned Williamson’s comments, “It is astonishing that the Romney campaign continues to shamelessly politicize a sensitive international situation,” he said” The fact is that any president of either party is going to be confronted by crises while in office, and Gov. Romney continues to demonstrate that he is not at all prepared to manage them.”

Amen and amen Mr. LaBolt; but it’s not just Romney who’s not at all prepared it’s also clearly his so-called foreign policy advisors who aren’t at all prepared. Collectively they’re a comedy of errors, and America can’t afford to elect someone whose staff meetings must be accompanied by circus calliope music.

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