God’s putting Romney behind to prove it’s a miracle when he wins?

05 Oct

Uber right-wing conservative talk show host Glenn Beck says Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential wannabe Willard Mitt Romney’s poll numbers have fallen as a part of a heavenly plan from God to make it obvious to the American people “divine intervention” was responsible when Republicans take the White House in November.

“I know Mitt Romney wasn’t your first choice, nor was he mine,” Beck recently said in an interview. “I am to the point that — A — God is trying to make this so clear to us that if it happens, it’s his finger. Because nothing looks good.”

“And yet, everybody I know who I consider a spiritual giant feels good,” he continued. “And it bothers me that I feel good because, I’m like, there’s no reason that I should feel good on this.”

So, what happens when Willard not only loses but loses big? Was God’s divine plan thwarted by some evil plan, or was Beck proven – once again – to be as mad as a hatter?

But wait, Beck wasn’t done, he declared Willard’s hidden private life proved he was “kind of on the line” with President George Washington.

“And a politician to hide that shows even deeper character, I think,” Beck observed. “It shows he knows [God is] in charge. And he obeys. … He’s enough like [Washington] that God can change you.”

Really, so, now Mitt Romney’s stature is equal to George Washington’s?

One would think having been fired from FOX News because of his lunatic ramblings would’ve made Beck step back and take a look at his life, and maybe seek some professional therapy, but apparently he’s decided to just keep rambling down crazy lane on his way to Bedlam.

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One response to “God’s putting Romney behind to prove it’s a miracle when he wins?

  1. Angi Clarke

    October 6, 2012 at 11:50

    What, because he uses some of the workers forced to stand in his commercials and that is similar to forced servitude, it is near enough to Washington keeping slaves that he is like Washington? But George led, didn’t let others lead him, and he also wasn’t eager to be the leader of the country but was basically drafted. Mitt’s been running without a mandate for his candidacy from any in or out of his party for years. So where’s the parallel?


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