Bushmaster myth

12 Jan
The next time a right-wing fringe-type tries to claim the XM-15 Bushmaster isn’t a dangerous assault weapon share the following information:
XM-15Comparison between M-16 A2 (standard US Army weapon)/Bushmaster XM-15 (used in Sandy Hook)

Length 39.63 in / 38.25 in
Weight 8 pounds, 13 oz / 8.27 pounds
Gas system Direct Impingement / Direct Impingement
Maximum Range 3,600 meters / 3,534 meters
Maximum Effective Range 550 meters / 550 meters
Muzzle Velocity 3,100 feet per second / 3,260 feet per second
Rate of Fire (Semiauto) 45 rounds per minute / 45 rounds per minute
Rate of Fire (Burst) 90 rounds per minute / N/A
Magazine capacity 30 round magazine / 30 round magazine
Ammunition 5.56 mm / 5.56 mm

Specs were taken from the Army manual for the M-16 A2 and from the Bushmaster manual for the XM-15

The XM-15 is as much an assault weapon as the M-16 A2, and this is the time for serious discussion on gun control, and it’s going to require serious people; if all the right-wing fringe can offer is fantasy comparisons perhaps they should keep their mouths shut; I’ve no more patience for moronic diatribes. If one of those dead first graders was their child or grand-child I don’t think they’d be so flippant.

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One response to “Bushmaster myth

  1. Clay

    January 20, 2013 at 12:45

    I am not opposed to a ban on assault weapons, but I do wonder which one of You think this will stop all gun violence. Is it better to be shot with a semi auto pistol, is it a less intimatidating death? Are You less Dead? Any semi automatic weapon will fire as fast as one can pull release and repull the trigger. So with that being fact,(minus any weapons with a burst setting, or full automatic.) Does a ban change anything, besides possibly the shooters mental outlook? (which apparently if one is shooting innocent people for no reason they have a real mental problem already!) Just saying! Now I am in favor of anything to stop this violence, and if a ban truly will stop it, You have my full support and vote. I just think we are shooting in the wind so to speak.


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